Is life REALLY like a hurricane, there in Duckburg?


I dunno.

I mean they have so much gold they use it as a swimming pool. How bad can things really get?

Honestly when some ducks are fighting over scraps of bread, I find it a little bit galling for Scrooge McDuck to claim that things are totally out of control over here in my giant moneypalace. Even when they go off on adventures, it seems to be self-inflicted.

But I think at least we can all agree that sometimes, some crimes go slippin’ through the cracks.


everything’s blurry so they can’t see shit anyway


I certainly don’t know about any hurricanes that involve a combination of race cars, lasers and airplanes.


Honestly, the ducks of my local pond would LOVE a laser.


Seems like it’s a hurricane for the top 1%. Things seem usually fairly normal day-to-day for the rank and file. Redistribute the adventure!