Is Luffy from One Piece a super hero


This came up on twitter and I was immediately curious. Luffy has super powers, loves vigilante justice, will sacrifice himself to save anyone, so is Luffy a super hero? Should he be up there with spandex like superman and batcrybaby and the X-folks?


I say yes only because I want a nautical based super hero who isnt a lame-o.


whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa Namor is a hard-ass


Depends on who is writing/drawing him. “Classic” Namor with the green tighty whities is a punk though.


Chesty-vest I’ll kill all you motherfuckers Namor though, he’s the dog’s bollocks.


I feel like superhero carries a connotation of protecting people and combating crime being the primary thing they’re out to do and Luffy doesn’t quite fall into that. He incidentally does those things on his way to do his brand of pirating. Which I honestly wish would include more theft and looting sometimes.


Luffy: "We’re pirates!"
Other pirates: "What do you do?"
Other pirates: “uhhhhhhh”


I wish they would lean in harder on the times when they get weirded out that people like them so they pick a fight or steal stuff to piss people off and then run away laughing.


Luffy might be considered an accidental superhero.

Typically, he and the crew leave positive changes in their wake and save people from certain doom. Luffy isn’t often driven to save someone for the sake of saving them; it’s usually only if he feels he owes something to them or he sees someone he likes being treated unfairly that he takes action.

And, he definitely has super powers. Within their world, all Devil Fruit users are either superheroes or supervillains.


He’s a pirate… is the boring answer. Sure different superheroes have different concepts of justice, but his is very clearly influenced by a specific subset of pirate-code. He also does not like being thought of as a “hero” based on the Fishman Island Arc. These are different concepts of justice in being either a pirate/marine but being a part of either group has different meanings. It’s easy to find many overlaps. If we’re talking about his powers the concept of devil fruit falls very much into x-men-like powers; there are already quite a few characters in both universes that have the same “powers”. Also things like family, identity and equality can be important to characters of both pirates and superheroes and their stories but these aren’t inherently “superhero” or “pirate” concepts alone.

However anime has only recently been spoofing on Western Super Hero concepts (take One Punch Man and My Hero Academia) whose characters deftly take from those concepts. Here there is definitely more overlap whereas I think Luffy would fit in with the X-men just as well as Wolverine would fit in with the Straw Hat Crew. It’s an interesting question, the answer ends with how far you’re willing to define “superhero” against “hero” and the context of the two.


I mean, yohoho he took a bite of gumgum, right? That’s how the old 4Kids intro went? Sounds like a superhero background to me.


Luffy powers are super strong and invulnerable he is definitely a super hero.


Excuse me for the eh, colorful language, but, NO FUCKING SHIT! HE IS.