Is Morpheus Not in The Matrix Trailer Because He Died in The Matrix MMO?

So you just watched the new Matrix Resurrections trailer and you're wondering where Laurence Fishburne character Morpheus is. I've got bad news for you: Canonically, he's been dead since the mid 2000s.

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The one problem with this article is that… the younger guy who offers Neo a pill in the trailer (played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) is widely suggested to be actually a recasting of Morpheus.


And Neo and Trinity died, Trinity died outside The Matrix so younger Morpheus is probably just because humans in the battery pods are clones from a finite number of genetic templates and Morpheus this time around was grown later than Neo and Trinity? The rumor is this is a 60-year jump, Keanu is 57, Carrie-Anne is 54, Yahya is 35… At the end of Revolutions Sati asks, “Will we ever see him again?” and Oracle (a Matrix program) replies “I Suspect So…Someday.” so if it’s 60 years not long after Revolutions The Matrix spun back up and the gacha dropped another Neo and Trinity.


I really need to go back and watch the original trilogy because I do not remember this at all but it makes a lot of sense given the setting


I’m speculating the clones part. But I feel it makes sense given the following:

  • People are grown in pods by the machines and harvested for energy
  • Neo died in The Matrix but there’s a new person with his powers and looks like him clearly unaware of The Matrix’s existence at the start
  • Trinity died out of The Matrix but is also back
  • Almost definite Morpheus is back but younger
  • Neo and Trinity are older when Morpheus used to be a similar age.

The explanation that checks all these boxes is clones.

EDIT: Actually Yahya is close to Laurence Fishburne’s age when the first Matrix release creating a new theory… Morpheus is the trigger for The One.


Yahya Abdul-Mateen is the go-to when you need a remake of an iconic character. He’s Morpheus now, (spoilers Candyman and Watchmen) just weeks after he became the new Candyman, and only a couple years after being the new Dr. Manhattan. Dude is killing it.

Only a matter of time until he’s the new T-Rex in Jurassic Park or the new Indiana Jones.

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