Is NASCAR the most Nietzschean sport? If not what is?


Boogity Boogity Boogity let’s go racing boys!

Vroom Vroom

They will travel 500 miles but go nowhere. A wreck is inevitable, might even be the big one (hopefully, one of the Busch brothers are taken out in it).

Is this Nietzschean or absurdist? Something else entirely?

Follow up question: What sport is the most post-structuralist?


Hand ball. Self explanatory


Okay so I feel like tennis is the most structuralist sport since it is literal binary opposition with even more rigidity and blindness to things outside the Western perspective than it’s counterpart of volleyball. So what upturns the relationship between the signifiers and signified of tennis?



Solo squash. I refuse to believe any sport with competition against other human beings, with clearly defined rules and win/loss conditions, could be classified as Nietzschean. But playing squash by yourself? In the dark? That there’s that abyss, innit.


The most post-structuralist sport is American Idol.


NASCAR’s the only sport where the sport’s greatest athlete perished during the biggest event of the season, and everything just kinda went on as normal. I know very little about Nietzsche but that strikes me as strange


Global Thermonuclear War

The only winning move is not to play


NASCAR could be considered a Camus sport since it does certainly seem like a Sisyphean task. “We must imagine the NASCAR driver happy.”

However, viewing NASCAR in this way completely misses the point. Almost everything that has been said about NASCAR could easily have been said about marathon running. NASCAR is an endurance sport where only a lucky few win (and it has been argued that among those lucky few, they choose who wins each race during the season). So it might be a very Calvinist sport.


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