Is Ryu a Wizard?


He can throw fireballs, which is what a wizard does.

  • Yes, Ryu is a wizard with magic powers.
  • No, Ryu is not a wizard. His powers are firmly grounded in realistic explainable phenomena.

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Ben, you’re the worst


Ryu and all shotos are wizards.


A Wizard needs food (sometimes badly). While Ryu does not. Therefore Ryu is not a wizard.


Ryu’s powers are based in karate, not the arcane.


chi is magic and therefore arcane.


Have you ever seen Ryu drink a mana potion?


Well isn’t he more of a sorcerer than a wizard? Using his ki and such


in the ST universe wizards draw magic from their surroundings through punching cars or getting punched. hence the super and ultra meter mechanics. It’s right there.


Does that mean all the characters are wizards? They all got supers.


Only if they shoot fireballs or fireball-like projectiles.


I see you’re finally coming to the correct realization about Street Fighter.


But Balrog still uses ex meter to make his punches strong


That’s more like a monk thing.


By extension, are Dragon Ball Z magic???


but hadouken isn’t?


He’s definitely a monk. D&D even has hadokens but they’re shit because it’s 3.5 and there’s nothing cool allowed in that one.


Ryu just doing this but with your face:


I guess he could be a multiclass Wizard/Monk.


Oh thanks for bringing this up Ben! I’m really glad waypoint has forums now so we can talk about these issues. He’s totally a wizard have you seen that shit he makes fire n shit