Is SALT a good film?

How do you feel about 2011 Angelina Jolie vehicle SALT—action classic, or derivative clunker?

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Need a sideways thumb. It’s the kind of movie I wouldn’t seek out but if I turned on the TV and it was on I might watch it.


I’ve only seen the trailer in the theater once but part way though it I whispered to my friend “Carmen Sandiego: The Movie” and that was pretty good.

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It is aggressively average.


I think I saw that movie years ago and the fact i don’t remember a single moment of it, whether i watched it or whether I left half way through because I got bored speaks volumes to the way this movie washes over you like the air or a flood of white noise.

The kind of movie that could have been memorable under a director with a little more style. I’m all for double-agent type thrillers, but I just remember this as rather bland.

This is the only part I remember and it doesn’t even come at a climatic moment:


Year of the Superman punch.

It’s a fun, simple spy thriller. Nothing brilliant, but good enough to entertain.