Is Spider-Man a Cop Now?


On episode 185 of Waypoint Radio, the full team—Austin, Natalie, Cado, Patrick, Rob, and Danielle—talk about the many games they've been playing and discussing. There's some football. Spider-Man's activities are discussed. There's Call of Duty Black Ops 4. There's a whole lot of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. There's some Valkeryia Chronicles IV chatter. And then, there are some fabulous Waypoints.

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Ah, a new Waypoint Radio! And they talk about the football game last night! Time to fill up my “Go Pack Go” coffee mug and hear their impressions!


So I don’t remember if it was here or the review podcast, National Treasure was mentioned? Anyway, the dad in both National Treasure and Tomb Raider is ultra Republican Trump supporter Jon Voight. Lara Croft and Nic Cage’s characters are siblings. OC do not steal. This may actually already be a narrative out there, but, if not, it is now.


He has to tell us if we ask.



Is “Laura” Croft some kind of regional dialect thing, like “Mary-o”? I hear it a lot but not sure why.


The English vowels are extremely bad, we have about 12 vowel sounds commonly used but only 5 letters to represent them


Sorry if this is addressed, I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but has Spider-Man ever not been a cop? What has been happening to all the criminals he’s left incapacitated at the scenes of crimes for 50 years? Eaten alive by rats? Starve to death? He’s always dealt with street-level crime more than the other AAA superheroes.


There have been at least a few instances where Spider-Man has talked to the person and said “Shit, man, that is a rough situation. Listen, I’ll let you go but try to stay out of trouble.” That being said, those instances are fairly rare (as far as I know).


There’s at least one side mission that goes kind of like that. But the open world crime missions are almost always multiple attackers against one or two innocent people. (In fact, if I come across one that’s Organized Crime vs. Private Military Corporation I will try to ignore it.) I’m sure that was intentional on Insomniac’s part, but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for coming to an understanding.


I wanna chime in about Waypoints to be unfortunately a little negative. I really like them as they currently are, an epilogue to the podcast where people’s interests get shared.

But I wouldn’t like them extended longer. Most of the Waypoints don’t function as recommendations for me, either geographical limitations or divergent interests mean I’m curious to hear the waypoint explained but I very rarely take note of it as something to actually try out. I loved Ron’s explanation of the light exhibit, but if I ever even go to America, I don’t think I’d be able to make it a priority (if the exhibit even exists at that point).

So I love Waypoints and want them to stay, but speaking personally, I would rather they not be longer sections of the podcast. They could be a fun topic for the more casual hot mic mornings possibly.


My Anglo grandfather lived in Hong Kong for 8 years in the 80s and refused to speak a word of Cantonese despite knowing a lot of useful phrases. Lara Croft understanding Spanish and then obstinately responding in English is the most Anglo shit ever and actually consistent characterisation for a rich girl who went to UCL.


Naive young Spider-Man being a cop before later plot twists mean he realises he’s actually gotta fight the police (I mean, until that storyline collapses into “well actually, maybe do what the cops say” trash). #533

Maybe a sequel game would explore that twist as part of the character growing. But I’m slightly surprised by how much focus is being put on this element because… ye, Spider-Man is cop-adjacent in at least some of the long history of the character. Vigilante but basically that means freelance cop with a worse union is a lot of cape comics.


“Blind faith in institutions save for very limited situations” isn’t just a Spider-Man thing, it’s a comic books thing. It’s the weird catch-22 of most comic heroes, they go into business for themselves because for some reason or another they feel that law enforcement just can’t manage to do what needs to be done and the burden falls on them while at the exact same time entrusting the gears of justice to turn properly once a criminal has been roughed up and tied down. Batman “does what the police can’t” and hunts down mass murdering villains and then deposits them right back into Arkham Asylum, an institution with the worst escape record of all time. Does Arkham even have doors? You’d figure that instead of developing a bat shaped VTOL, Bruce Wayne would be better of investing in some padlocks.


Speaking personally (I’m from New Jersey), I’ve always pronounced the “ar” in “Lara” like the word “are”, which could sound like “Laura” except I pronounce the “aur” in “Laura” like the word “or”.

English is weird.


The first time Peter broke into his Spider-Cop routine, I laughed my ass off because it sounded exactly like a Jake Peralta bit.

That being said, the “surveillance towers as progress” mechanic in this game is concerning, to say the least. I’ve really just started this game, so I’m curious what is to follow. I really enjoyed Austin’s pitch about a game where Peter loses his faith in the justice system and acts as Spider-Man to genuinely protect the community and not just “lawful” order.


I don’t care if it makes me a narc, I’m gonna let as many people stuffed into trunks free as I can.


Its an American thing.


If the context of Tomb Raider wasn’t hidden civilisation with very little contact with the West, I could get the immersive language thing. I’m a professional translator living in Indonesia and I sometimes have moments where I just need to speak in English with my partner (I sort of get depressed if I don’t have time with my actual native language idk why), which results in her just speaking Indonesian and me just speaking English. I’ve also met lots of language students who have great listening skills but limited speaking skills or confidence, so I could totally buy her understanding the language spoken to her too. It just makes zero sense that the local people would understand her and you’d think she’d want to be like… trying to use some of the local language to ensure her meaning gets across properly in that immersive language mode.


A while ago I read a piece on Dia’s site which talks about how the character’s original name was Laura - but apparently Americans were unable to pronounce “Laura”, so it was changed to the much easier to pronounce Lara.

And the additional knowledge that they changed her from a Latina to a white Brit sure adds an unflattering layer to the whole “immersive language” thing, even as a decades-old decision.


Why don’t you use that super-strong web fluid to, I dunno, repair decaying infrastructure? Lot’s of places in the Bronx could really use that…have you ever even set foot in the Bronx, Spider dick?