Is Spider-Man a Cop Now?


Because it evaporates in about 3 hours?


And yet it can secure backpacks for several years.


Hey, I’m just going with what Stan wrote.


Just here to say The Great British Baking show is the greatest. Super relaxing and sometimes I actually tear up.


Spider-man as a good-hearted vigilante cop at least makes sense to me as finding something you can meaningfully do with your power. Batman, as mentioned on the podcast, is a billionaire who fist-fights individual muggers when he has better things to do.


if spiderman isn’t willing to testify in court that the dude he hung from a lamppost was done so in the process of a citizen’s arrest after he witnessed a mugging in progress he needs to wise up


Austin “I could kind of tell it was a body pillow case because of the texture”



One of the cool things about comics is that, if there is a possible critique to be made of any character, setting, or trope, there is a writer who has written at least one book (on- or off-brand) specifically interrogating it.


So, I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast (Indeed, I’m way behind on pretty much all my listening), but here’s my thing on this - I’ve been reading some old issues of Batman from Denny O’Neil’s first run in the '70s, and here’s the thing - 9 times out of 10, he’s fighting rich white guys. One story has a corrupt businessman luring Batman into an abandoned hotel he’d filled with deathtraps in the hopes of killing him.

On the other side of the coin, Bruce Wayne is generally written as putting his funds to use for a wide variety of causes to help with social justice - Robin’s solo stories are written even more so, with the antagonists being conservative forces (often represented by rich old white guys), attempting to manipulate elements of progressive movements to discredit the whole.

Combine that with the fact that most of Batman’s rogue gallery doesn’t even begin to map to actual real world mental illnesses, and it feels a lot like the stereotype of “Batman beats up poor muggers and the mentally ill” (as a person with Autism, that latter part also rankles me, as I’m not a fan of being conflated with The Riddler) is on par with the stereotype of “Star Trek TOS is nothing but Kirk bedding a slew of scantily clad women while spouting pithy lines and not fixing anything” - it fits the bad stories with that character or that series, but not the good (or even the mediocre) stories.

EDIT: To be clear - those stories exist. However, to act like social issues don’t get addressed in the Bat-books isn’t quite accurate.

I am disappointed by the fact that the more recent Bat-books have been… less engaged on that front, though Court of Owls did make the implication that the Court - made up of much of Gotham’s rich and powerful, with the distinct and specific omission of the Waynes (who told them to f-off), had actively been working to keep the populace down in order to solidify their control of Gotham.


Most capital S Super Heroes are cops, tbh. X Mutants walk a line, but they know they’re ultimately trying to be cops on the outside (otheriwse, why do you keep X-Force a secret…)

However, if they took this Spiderman map and made a Defenders game… They are not cops.


RE Austin’s suggestion to expand Waypoints: anything that makes Waypoint Radio even more like Idle Weekend is a good thing in my book.


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