Is Super Mario World the Purest?

Every year I finish super Mario world up to 96* and every year it makes me remember something incredible. Whether that’s the awesomeness of the lifts in donut plains 3, the labyrinthine nature of vanilla dome, the chaos of the forest of illusion,the deceptive trickiness of chocolate iand or the just full on trickiness of Mondo on star road. I genuinely think it’s the greatest game experience of all time and would love to hear readings on it good, bad, political, and other. Ease say how you feel about this snes classic!

The first time my brother and I found the second exit in the Donut Plains Ghost House and opened the top secret area, I lost my mind. I just didn’t know games could work that way. I also still think regularly about the absurdity of how the game changes after you get through all the star road levels.

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It’s the best Mario game, which means it has a reasonable claim to being the best video game.
Would I feel differently if it wasn’t my first Mario game and among my first video games?
I’m honestly not sure I would.

It was the first console game that was ever truly mine so I pretty much have rose-colored lenses glued to my face at this point. I could never say a bad word against it. No criticisms. Nothing.

There’s footage from home movies of me sitting in the background playing it while my mother tries to get my attention. I was glued to it.

Greatest? Possibly. Purest? No, that’s still the OG Super Mario Bros.

No. Because it is tainted.

Tainted by a power up that autowins half the levels in the game, where you can just fly through the top of the level indefinitely.

Fuck the cape.

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There are one or two points in the game where progress is hampered by your ability to reach and test every single goddamn pipe for hints

But the vast majority of the game is perfect and a masterclass in platforming design. Plus Luigi controls perfectly

nah, you’re thinking of the racoon tail from SMB3. the cape is a gentleman’s weapon from a more civilized age.

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It is better than Yoshi’s Island in regards to frustrating time spent looking for secrets for me… trying to find that last hidden red coin that looks like a normal coin!

That’s a thing. Whilst I can work my way through the whole game no problems,I don’t think I’ve ever done a full dragon coin run. Is that a thing with speed runners?


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Just like that! Of course it would be AGDQ