Is the "Pac" in Pac-Man a verb, an adjective, or a noun?

Pac is a…

  • Verb
  • Adjective
  • Noun

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If you can really make the case for it being an adverb/article/conjunction/etc, be my guest

The real answer is that “Pac” is an expletive.


All of the above:
i’m “pac-ing” ghosts into my mouth.

I’m a “pac-man” because i love to “pac” ghosts in my mouth


None of the above - “Pac” is not functioning as a separate semantic unit from “Man”. Pac-Man is his name. It’s like asking the part of speech of “Her” in the name “Herman”.



same reasoning as Pizza, but he’s trying to see how many pellets he can “pac”.

Or maybe he’s secretly packing heat, but no one’s figured out the cheat code for how to equip the gun yet :flushed:

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It’s none of those. It’s an onomatopoeia.

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Onomatopoeia can be used as other forms of speech. Example: bang, buzz, bonk, beep, boom, really any B words.

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(nevermind rechecked da rules)

This is also my interpretation. He’s not half-Pac, half-Man; he’s not a man who Pacs; he’s not a Man who possess Pac-ness; he is simply Pac-Man.

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It’s actually an honorific in the Pac-Man language.


Noun. He’s Political Action Committee-Man

His real name was Puckman but because a teen with a marker could turn it easily into Fuckman it was changed. I assume the hyphen was added for kerning reasons on the cabinet decals.


“Pac” is a noun, “Man” is the modifying adjective. That’s why the plural is Pacs Man


Little known fact that it’s an interrogative. It’s asking the player, if they’d like to Pac, man?

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My first instinct is adjective, but interrogating my logic for that has forced me to ask questions like “is the word ‘office’ in ‘office worker’ an adjective?” and I am too many years removed from university to answer them.

The correct answer is certainly that Pac-Man is a proper noun, don’t forget the hyphen between Pac and Man.


A more important question I think is what is “Pacman” as a name?

We have “Pacman” and “Ms. Pacman”. The lore states that they are dating/married and have a child.

Now, is “Pacman” a surname? If so what are their first names?

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Pac-Man Pac-Man and Missus Pac-Man


like mario mario and luigi mario

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Pac-Man is his superhero title, Ms. Pac-Man is his She-Hulk, Batgirl, etc. and that’s why - even though they are married - she’s Miss instead of Mrs.

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