Is there a quick Q&A topic? Or is this it?

Just had a look and couldn’t find a thread for quick, one off questions, so guess I’ll just ask here…

On one of the podcasts Austin mentioned a thread/topic/resource where someone (not sure if it was staff or community) had a list of Animal Crossing/Stardew type games, and had coined a name for the genre.

Does anyone know if I’m remembering this correctly and if-so where that list is as my partner pretty much only plays these games so I’m always trying to find new ones for them!

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I don’t know the list but I remember he said it’s by Janine Hawkins @bleatingheart on twitter

(occasional Waypoint contributor, Friends at the Table player and mapmaker)


Fantastic, thanks SBMan. It looks likes the list is a twitter thread starting on June 12th. Didn’t see a name for the genre though so that may have been someone else.

It looks like you found it yourself, but if anyone else is interested, here it is:

I thought I remembered Austin saying that Janine had coined a name for it too, but the closest I could find are a few references to “life sim” in that thread, and to “peaceful life sim” in the Griffin McElroy tweet that Janine quoted at the top of the thread?

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I thought it was something more fanciful, but Peaceful Life Sim might have been it. Thanks.


I kinda like “moon-likes”. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I’ll jump in here.

Way early in the podcast I remember Austin and I think Danielle mentioning a bunch of books they’ve read/taught from about game design. Does anyone remember what they were? I’m interested in reading more about the theory behind all of it, and I can’t remember any names or authors, or even where in the archives to start digging.

I don’t know that they’re about game design per se, but there are links to some game studies syllabi here:

for instance this one:

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