Is there a way to make old oatmeal good?


I made some oatmeal last night and saved the rest in a pot in the fridge. As oatmeal does, it got all gelatin-ey and kinda gross. I don’t like to waste food, can anybody offer suggestions?


I’ve made cookies out of leftover oatmeal.


If you make smoothies, throwing some oatmeal in the blender gives them some extra heft I find and so I stay full for longer.


this is a really good idea actually


Add a little water to rehydrate/mix up, heat up in a skillet and add a fried egg on top.


I just found that old gamer oatmeal from PAX a few years ago and was wondering if it was still good. If it ends up shitty maybe I’ll make some gamer cookies or gamer shakes!