Is there no way to manually delete your own account?


I’m looking and I’m not finding it, maybe I’m just not seeing it. Help?

if there isn’t a way I’d recommend adding one.

Also may I add its weird you cannot delete topics you created? What is with that?

I no longer trust nor want to be a part of the waypoint community. I no longer feel safe being here as an lgbt+ poc who was assaulted while being called a ‘queer’ thus not liking it and that being used against me by the discord mods, and would like to not have any account or anything tied to it and would like all my posts deleted, but I’m not really seeing a way to do so which is frustrating.

another frustrating thing is that deleting your own posts is on a set timer. Meaning I can’t delete my own posts, all of them, at once, in fact mine has been set on a 21 hour timer. This is beyond frustrating.


I am rally sorry to hear all of this, and hope you are okay

As far as I am aware, Discourse (the platform Waypoint’s forum uses) does not allow anyone to delete their account. I think that moderators have the ability to delete account, but since I am not a mod I can’t confirm or deny this. I think threads are the same way.


The Discourse software allows users to self-delete account with less than 25 posts. Beyond that, it allows an administrator to anonymize (but not delete!) a user. @codinghorror and the Discourse team did nothing to enable GDPR compliance… so yeh, the software is a bit shit in that regards.

@admins and @staff can help


if I’d known that ahead of time I’d have probably not joined in the first place.


I’ve locked horns with the Discourse software devs before over their habit of constantly changing UI for the worse, for not including basic features like ignore a user, and for a general lack of understanding how to foster good community with software design. Jeff (codinghorror) is a brilliant programmer. But he’s not a great software designer.


Kind of troubled learning that this software is more limited than old PHP-based message boards when it comes to a user having control over their posts.

Starting to regret my own sign-up as well. Yikes.


I’m sorry to hear Waypoint isn’t working out for you. I liked following what you posted, and I felt like you posted some really good stuff about RDR2 and other games on here.

I hope you find a space that you can feel safe in, but I’d like to offer that maybe you take a few days to decompress and think it over. Waypoint certainly isn’t perfect, but I don’t think there is venom in the way people speak around each other here. Sometimes we can be selfish, sometimes we can see only within our own bubble, but I don’t feel as if people want to target you here. It sounds more like a misunderstanding. The use of the word ‘queer’ has been taken by the LGBT community and turned around from an insult to something that gives identity. I know it doesn’t resonate the same way with you, because of your past, and I understand that, but perhaps you can also understand that some people have taken that word and reworked it as something non-harmful for them.

Regardless of this, taking a bit to disconnect can be healthy. I’d hate to see you go.



The inability of users to lock threads is a frustrating shortfalling of Discourse. We try to promptly delete accounts, but we know that’s miles from an ideal solution. There are sometimes delays when mods are asleep or there are cross-community issues.

This is an involved topic and we are temporarily locking this thread while we prepare a larger statement to give context.


As moderators, we want the community to have as much context as possible when they’re engaging with the forums. Part of that is reflected in our policy to be transparent in our decision making process. Another facet of that results in us being very reluctant to delete accounts of active posters.

Regardless of whether or not a poster has violated a rule, we feel it can be damaging for a community to simply remove whole swaths of a conversation with no explanation. We typically save deleting accounts for bots and malicious actors.

If you feel like your comfort levels with having an abandoned account remain active arent at a hundred percent, contact a mod. We can anonymize or delete an account for personal safety issues.

Thanks for being a part of this community.



We’ve opened this thread back up for feedback. We ask that folks don’t take this opportunity to litigate individuals cases- our dms are a better venue for that. Any feedback that you would rather discuss privately is more than welcome. Thanks!


This isn’t feedback but more of a PSA.

You should always assume anything you post online is permanent. Even if you go through and delete every single post you have ever made there is no guarantee that someone isn’t scraping the site or manually backing things up with screenshots.

Data is arguably one of the most valuable commodities around now and there are definitely marketing and research firms who are doing nothing but scraping sites so that they can parse and sell data. The price of storage is so cheap now and web scraping has been so well documented that anyone can get into it. It would not surprise me at all if someone with a grudge against the site or its staff is not already scraping it.

The internet archive for example has been scraping the forum since May 2017. It isn’t scraping everything and not all of the snapshots are valid but there does exist data if you are looking for a very real example.

Also if you are going to want to delete your account you should really keep it to DM’s because all it does is paint a target on you for anyone with malicious intent that is monitoring the forum.


Hi. Just jumping in here - could one the mods please delete my account? (Or make it anonymous)



This has now been done (as folks might be able to tell!).

e: As the original issue has been resolved (but understand that folks will continue to have requests for this), we’ve made a specific thread to capture this kind of request going forward & will be locking this thread to allow it to rest.