Is Warframe going to out-Destiny Destiny?

Warframe has always been a curiosity I’ve viewed from afar, but this upcoming update looks next level. The game will be adding in a handcrafted town area, with NPC’s, quests and some big nasties to fight outside the gates at night. I’ve heard the game has quietly continued to improve over the last few years, but this looks next level.

Do any Waypoint fans play Warframe? Anyone have any experience?

For reference, this interview on PC Gamer lays everything out:

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I played it back during beta and had a blast with it, but ultimately fell away after the grind became super boring.

I’m really interested in going back to it.

As a Destiny fan who has played a little Warframe no it will not. Not even a little.
Not because Warframe is bad but because Destiny has a very particular style of design both aesthetically and mechanically that Warframe isn’t really going for. And also Warframe is a Free To Play game with all the trappings thereof and while Destiny dabbled in more of that then I would like you still basically got the whole game for 60 bucks plus expansions

I will however be curious to see how it shapes up to Destiny 2 on PC. If Bungie can keep the gun feel they have for controllers on mouse and keyboard I still think it’ll be very different end markets for both games, but that remains to be seen and I can totally envision a world where Warframe is the better choice on PC.

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I have said that Warframe is the better game all along. I’ve played about twice the time in Warframe, but did finish the campaign of Destiny. The big thing Destiny has over Warframe is gunfeel. They aren’t going to be able to compete with Bungie in that area. However, everything else they do is fantastic.

It is a free to play, though I haven’t encountered any areas that kept me from playing for free. There are timer delays when crafting, but there is no reason to use paid currency to speed that up. Also, you can get the paid currency by trading in game with players, often selling items you don’t need to fuel your purchase of cosmetics. While I have bought platinum, the paid currency, it was more out of thanks to Digital Extremes rather than a need to get it.

Also, everything looks freaking rad in Warframe, and I don’t feel that way about the look of Destiny. Try Warframe if you haven’t. You’ll need to use a wiki, but it is well worth it if you like third person action.

Edit: I just noticed you said you haven’t tried it. Give it a go! It is free on PS4, PC and Xbone. I do suggest you use a guide from YouTube to help you figure out mods. iFlynn’s beginner guide helped me out a lot and tacticalPotatoe is another great resource.


As someone that’s played since Beta, this is insulting and hilarious, because the running joke in Warframe is that it’s been doing everything Destiny has done and does for longer, better since it’s inception. I’ve played inconsistently for years and it remains one of the best looking and more exciting f2p titles in existence with a shit ton of content if you’re a new player.


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I’m honestly still in awe at the announcement. Has there ever been a game with a larger/more comprehensive update/expansion than this?

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DE is positioning themselves to be the next up’n’coming independent studio making the games they want for the fans that want them. I am 100% on board for this expansion, their new 50’s themed sci-fi shooter, and everything else they have planned.

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I m in awe of how many times DE has done huge game changing updates like this. DE puts the love in this game. The updateschedule feels much better than most MMOs I’ve played.


I strongly disagree, I have 180 hours in the game and have only ever spent $35 on it so I could get some cosmetics.

The game is more then fair when it comes to getting new weapons, frames, etc. If you want a particular frame or weapon you can find a guide on how to get it. Will you have to do some grinding and wait on build timers to get it? Yes but everything is within reach where as in any other F2P game you wouldn’t even get a chance to unlock it or it would require completely unreasonable amounts of grinding to get.

I don’t even want to get started talking about Destiny and how much of a disappointment that was for me.


@Burncoat I’ve heard they’ve made so many great improvements since the launch, probably worth that look!

@ChefLuBu my deepest apologies! As someone who’s only experienced Destiny and who hasn’t ever taken the plunge into Warframe, I was unaware of it’s grandeur! As a side note DE sounds like a truly awesome dev. Really happy to go with the flow of it’s fans rather than be real rigid.

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Quick reminder to anyone who has Twitch Prime, you can get a free Warframe, arguably one of the best Warframes, right now. Frost Prime is waiting for you. He wants you to make snowglobes and defend your points.


have they changed the grind in warframe much? I stopped playing around the time they released nova, whose components felt a little bit on the ridiculous side in terms of effort to grind.

and this is just my opinion but i feel like the lore in destiny is way cooler, if that matters at all. warframe a couple years ago was really vague and cool, but the more they flesh stuff out, the more it feels like really uninteresting scifi to me.

i really liked the movement mechanics in that game, though. lots of fun ways to navigate the levels and a ton of room to improve with mobility tricks kept my interest for a long time. and that’s an area destiny didn’t ever explore much, i think.

Before Destiny’s release I joked that Warframe was the poor man’s Destiny

a few years later, with around $40 into Warframe, boy am I glad I never paid full price for Destiny


Hey Y’all. This thread has piqued my interest. Can you point me (and other interested waypointers) towards some good Intro Videos / guides/ how to’s? I did a quick google but I didn’t have a clue what to look for.

Looking forward to checking it out!

the most important thing I can tell you is these two tidbits:

there will be an initial difficulty hump between getting used to controls and also just having few good weapons or powers, but as you get a steady number of materials and new shiny stuff accrued, life will get easier. this should take less than 20 hours, with any luck.

you don’t need to spend a dime on anything other than inventory slots if you don’t want to (and you do get some free plat on making an account to do exactly that), but there are some cool cosmetic goodies like color palettes that aren’t particularly expensive and I’ve personally gotten a lot of mileage out of


I found this but can’t vouch for it’s amazingness. I’ve been playing so long I’ve never bothered to look at how-tos for the title. It was put up within the last month so it’s going to be up to date with all the most current shit.



Downloading now.


If you need or have extra questions I check this fairly regularly

I mean, just because the FTP stuff doesn’t bother you doesn’t mean it’s not there. I played like 6 hours of it and saw so many ways I could pay for stuff in the game that I felt nickel and dimed already before I had a chance to do anything actually fun in the game. And honestly I don’t want to have to spend time on a wiki to learn how not to spend money on the game.

And if you never felt that way then great! My point was never that Warframe is bad or that Destiny is better, it was that ultimately the games have different approaches to things. And honestly if they did start trying to out Destiny Destiny it would likely be a failure of design for what Warframe fans want anyways. There can be more then one loot shooter and that’s fine.