Is Warframe going to out-Destiny Destiny?


I played Destiny since the alpha and burned out like three months after the game came out but I still go back to Warframe now and then so Warframe was and is better. :slight_smile:

I do have to echo what others have said about the updates. They’ve done a few now that are just massively huge for a free to play game, it’s awesome.


Played the intro and first mission of Warframe just now. Really enjoyed it. Saw immediately how it can get its hooks in you and how it can be a great game to play over time.

My personal opinion is that a discussion over which is ‘better’ is not really productive. From my many many hours with Destiny and my very very few hours with Warframe I think that they are two entirely different games. I’m gonna play the shit out of Warframe for the rest of the Summer, I’ll tell you that right now. I might even spend some of my hard earned duckets on it. Come October 24th I’ll play the shit out of Destiny and realistically I’ll spend way more on it over its lifecycle.

I go to Destiny for the aesthetic and the feel of the game. And raiding. Don’t forget raids. I love a perfectly executed Vault of Glass or Crota’s End.

I think I’ll be hitting up Warframe for the insane variety of weapons, items, suits, abilities, mods etc.

Does liking one mean you can’t like the other? Definitely not. Do you HAVE to like both? Definitely not. I’m glad this genre exists and I hope we see more Devs figuring out the grindy shooter run n’ gun n’ loot game.

@ChefLuBu Do you use M+KB or a controller. I found the default mouse sensitivity was insane and hitting the number keys for abilites was kind of inconvenient.


But you don’t, you spend time on the wiki if you want to know what missions to run to unlock a frame or a weapon. I have personally never heard of anyone consulting the wiki to figure out the best way to spend their plat (their premium currency). All you need to know is you should only spend plat on slots and cosmetics.

There is only one thing in the game I would say you have to buy with plat at some point and that is inventory slots for storing frames and weapons.

20 plat gets you one frame slot and 12 gets you two weapon slots. Without a coupon (which DE gives out a lot) 75 plat costs you $5. If you don’t want to put money into the game you can totally run rare loot missions and sell the stuff you don’t want to other players for plat as well.

You can of course waste your plat by buying things that you can just earn such as a weapon, frame or speeding up the craft time of something you are building.

I felt the same exact way with Destiny and how bare bones it was on launch followed up by DLC that they charged $20-40 for that was meant to make the game complete.

I hope you continue to enjoy Destiny and I’m glad some people have found value in it but at this point in time my trust in Bungie has hit rock bottom which is something I never thought I would feel after how consistently good Halo was. Your welcome to your opinion that the F2P model is bad but don’t ignore the fact that Bungie was just as bad if not worse with squeezing money from their player base.


That’s super valid! I just never experienced any of the lore of Destiny because I had to unlock it in game, then use a separate app to look at it. I hear some of those lore cards are super good, but the effort level was too high for me.

The entire game is a grind, so not really? If the core shooting and movement stuff isn’t doing it for you, it may not be the game for you. To me, it is kinda like Diablo. I enjoy it a lot when I play it, but I also take massive breaks in between my deep dives. You still grind mastery, but there aren’t many huge gains waiting beyond Mastery Rank (MR) 7. MR allows you to use more weapons, which change the feel of the game a bit. It’s good to know if you, in general, like shotguns, single shot high damage, or rapid fire lower damage weapons.

I’d say jump back in for a bit and see how the water feels, and then leave whenever. I think the biggest change since you left is probably the removal of fusion cords in favor of another “currency” called endo. You get endo when you sell your mods, and use it to boost the level of your mods. It also drops on the battlefield.

Could you describe what you thought was doing this? It’s probably been a while since you’ve played, so maybe asking what parts made you feel like this is a big ask. There is definitely stuff on the store that you can very easily farm, for prices that are totally absurd. You’ll see folks joking about buying stuff like Plastids from DE in trade chat because the price per unit is so out of touch for easily farmable material.

Like others have said, the only things that need to be bought are Warframe and Weapon Inventory slots. You can buy cosmetics, but that’s just if you want to get into the endgame of Fashion Frame. If the game isn’t fun, then, yeah it can feel like a huge grind. I enjoy the moment to moment a lot. I feel like it shares some of the same faults that Destiny has, like kind of arbitrary ways to increase your power level. Warframe also does an awful job of telling you how to play the game, but youtube is a big help. I used one of iFlynn’s beginner guides when I first started, and it really got me going.

I think a big reason I compare the two games is for laughs. Destiny is being run by a Scarab Lord, Warframe has two very Egyptian Mythology themed frames. You decided which is more important to you.


It was about a year and a half ago so nothing super stands out beyond the fact that I could grind out a lot of stuff for a few hours ORRRRRRRR for $5 bucks I could just have it…

Maybe it’s not necessary to do that but it is/was clearly playing on the fact that people will want to just do that in a way I’m not entirely comfortable with in this case. And that’s not a value judgment on anyone who does like the game just that here with this game it bothered me.


I use mouse and keyboard now over the years. I’ve managed to fine tune everything from running and vision to aiming controls down to exactly where I want it. It’s def. a matter of getting comfortable with what works for you and what your primary weapons are going to require. Melee commands different sensitivity preferences than shooting. Snipers play different from shotguns. Then you got shit like the Phage where you can completely alter your playstyle.


A big thing is that if you WANT THAT STUFF NOW you can absolutely buy it but in the course of playing the game’s story and going through the bosses you would naturally get a lot of the schematics and parts.


I’ve played a lot of Destiny and Warframe, and I don’t think Warframe ever held a candle to Destiny for me, even when I was kinda done with Destiny at the time.

As mentioned, the gunplay feels way better in Destiny (for my tastes at least.)

Also, depending on when you’re talking about Warframe wise, movement has felt anywhere from clumsy to amazing, but always a weird focal point for a shooter. I’ve never been into parkour movement in games. Stuff like Mirror’s edge, where that’s the game, it’s cool, but as an addition to an RPG or shooter, it’s felt like a weird distraction that ranges from ruining level design, to frustrating hitboxes in PvP, to required extra controls for competent play, to kinda cool extra fun.

Early days, Warframe had minor issues with the free running stuff, where map details could cause hiccups, but it’s been pretty well smoothed out now. It feels good and fluid, but particularly in groups with more veteran players, I feel like I’m spending the whole time trying to play catch-up. Not shooting, not using abilities, just running, skipping. Which is… nothing like Destiny. Destiny has a lot of sprinting/jumping/etc. but there’s always combat. Everything is sectioned off, and everyone gets plenty of chances to play the shooter. (I’m sure this would improve if I got better, but it’s a strong reason I haven’t taken the time to do so.) I’d run into content I couldn’t solo, try to find a group, and been drowned in the feeling that I was contributing nothing, useless, and just stopped.

This thread is weirdly binary to me. First, I disagree with the premise. They’re two very different games. The addition of a differently styled hub doesn’t change Warframe, and it wouldn’t change Destiny. Standing in your ship alone, or your guild hall, or the Tower, or Iron Peak… It’s a hub. You don’t meet people there to do things?

I’m going to play Destiny 2, and I really enjoyed Destiny. I’ve played Warframe, and… the biggest difference between the games for me has always been a question of what I’m grinding and why.

Destiny was about the power crawl. Get to light cap. Run the hardest thing you can, and, even if marginally, increase the light levels of your gear, cap XP of items or specs (or whatever they’re called? Specializations?) to get more power.

Warframe didn’t have that. That was ALWAYS my largest sticking point. Beyond just the shooting/running balance, and feeling like I wasn’t helping, it was the sense that I didn’t know what I should be working on that distanced me from Warframe. Okay, so I can cap my frame at 30. What do I do now? Start again? Start over? If you have warframe slots for it. Otherwise, sell the frame and start over, for… achievements? I guess? I felt like the grind was self-defeated, and repetitive. After capping… I think three frames? I was done. Did not, and could not care anymore. The grind was to restart the grind.

Secondly, in that binary about this thread - This thread has suggested that in my time away, and with perhaps the right guides, I could learn what I’m meant to be doing/grinding/working towards. So thanks everybody! (Although, I have to admit the beginners guide opening with telling me I’ll one-shot everything in the game isn’t exactly promising.)


Shoot feel isn’t nothing in a shooting game, that’s for sure, and I keep going back to Destiny just because it feels really good to shoot stuff. But I recently fired up Warframe to see what was going on with it and I did really enjoy the new traversal mechanics they’ve added.

Still, it hasn’t made me any less excited to get back into Destiny 2. I actually kind of bounced off Warframe (again) because I just don’t quite have a handle on its systems.


Just to be clear, I started this thread to get talking about Warframe because it seems cool, not because I think they should be pitted against each other - they’re both very different games! It’s like comparing Horizon & Zelda, sure they’re both open worlds but they are sooo different. What led me to draw the comparison was the initial talk of Destiny 2 having in world NPC’s you get quests and stuff from in the same areas you’re shooting things - same as this upcoming update to Warframe.

The traversal thing actually sounds pretty exciting to me - is it kinda like Titanfall 2? Because that game was hella rad and I don’t typically do shooters.

I’d never really been exposed to mechs much pre-Austin, but after digging Xenoblade X from 2015 I’m super into exo-suits and the like - I’m getting that vibe a bit here too? Obviously quite different, but that shit looks so cool to me.


I’ve had good and bad F2P experiences (mostly bad) over the years, but for some reason it still scares me away. Like I enjoyed the HELL out of Mech Warrior Online with friends for a long time, until we tried to get into the Community Warfare which was heavily P2W, and that soured me on it. But I shouldn’t let that small experience get in the way of how much fun I had.

Guess I’ll try it…


As someone who played Warframe in beta, fell off the wagon after about a month, then came back a couple of years later and then spent what Steam says is 818 hours in it, I think it has the best free to play model out there with the exception perhaps of DotA, which is strictly cosmetic.

In that 800+ hours I spent $20, which was towards the very end of that stint when I got a 75% off voucher. Haven’t played it regularly in about six months, but I think they do an excellent job with that side of things.

The biggest issue with regards to the free to playness of it is that whenever you want a new Warframe or weapon, it will take up one of the equivalent slots. Once those are full you need to buy them, 20 Plat (in game currency) per slot, I think it is around 10 for two weapon slots.

When you first start playing you’ll receive something like 150 Platinum. Best way to spend this is to buy say three extra Warframe slots and then some weapon slots as you need them. You can acquire platinum by either purchasing it or by selling warframe, weapon and mods to other players. Even if you only get common junk parts players will buy those in bulk at somewhere from 10-20 plat.

The single biggest advantage you can have when getting into this game is to have a friend who already plays it. Partly because they can explain any questions you have and partly because they’ll already have conquered a lot of the star map and can give you a lift to places you want to go.

The game has been made a lot more new player friendly of late, the missions structure has been reworked to direct you to a more steady slope of difficulty and completing all the missions in a zone will reward you with new quests (that offer new shinier frames) and blueprints for new weapons that you can craft.

Also important, don’t be afraid to ask for help in LFG. The community is very good and as long as you’re not being obnoxious about asking for help you’ll often have high ranking players who are bored and happy to ride shotgun on a mission to help out new players. If you see an alert you want to do but don’t have access to that node of the starmap as for a “taxi” and you’ll often get an invite. If you need a particular resource to build something, keep an eye out for people listing that they’re putting a group together. Several warframes are able to boost the drop rate of resources multiple times over and players putting together groups will likely have those, cutting down your time considerably.

There is without a doubt a bit of a grind to the game, but just set yourself goals while you’re doing quests and exploring the map. Pick a warframe you think looks cool or has a neat powerset. Check on the wiki which boss drops the pieces and work towards that. Veteran players know what it was like and are often happy to help alleviate that for newer ones. You’ll meet the occasional jerk but overall people are pretty friendly. Community chat is helpful with providing answers to any questions you might have.

As has been said above, if you have Twitch Prime, link your account. You’ll get one of the best defensive frames in the game, Frost Prime, which sees play due to it’s crowd control and iceglobes that absorb ranged fire.

You can also get a free weapon at the moment (and weapon slot!) by logging into and entering FREESWORD

Some friends of mine have recently started getting into this, so if you have any questions about the game or mechanics feel free to ask and I’ll help if I can.

Also this video is closer to the truth than it should be for a joke.


Oh, I should also say, if you are going to start playing this at the beginning you’ll get the choice of three Warframes to choose from.

Excalibur is an all rounder frame (you could picture it as the Ryu of frames) with exceptional crowd control and some specific builds for dealing damage in end game content.

Volt is an electricity based frame that is more fragile than the Excalibur, able to create electrical barriers to shield team mates from damage while also conferring electricity damage to your weapons fired through it and offer a speed boost to yourself and nearby teammates. Endgame use is more limited, but popular for literally speed running when farming certain mission types.

Mag is as the name suggests able to use magnetic forces to create magnetic fields around enemies, pulling projectiles that would have missed into the target and increasing their speed and damage. Also has the ability to strip the shields from shielded enemies, while restoring and boosting those of yourself and teammates. Exceptionally effective against Corpus enemies, on of the factions in the game but not so much against others.

I recommend taking the Excalibur, partly because it’s a hardier frame than the other two and also because it takes considerably longer to reach the boss that drops it’s blueprints, where as the other two drop early on.

Regardsless, the boss on Venus drops the blueprints for the Rhino, a tanky frame that becomes less so in the late game but offers some incredibly effective crowd control and team buffs. Make beeline there and get what you need to build it, it is an excellent early option.

Braton/Karak/Strun are all good early weapons to acquire after your first.


Thanks for the detailed responses.

I just completed the “tutorial” on my lunchbreak today. Put down that nasty Vor character. After a few hours with the game I can 100% say that this is absolutely my jam. Thanks OP for bringing it to my attention.

I bought the blueprint for the Latron, semi-automatic rifles really do it for me. Now all I need to do is get to some other planets so i can get that mats I need. I will most likely wait on buying another Frame until I have a better idea of how the game works and what the endgame is like.


My favorite thing about Warframe is that it recycled a bunch of concepts from the never released space-time version of Dark Sector, and has a couple thematic links to the released Cold War thriller version of Dark Sector.

The gameplay, however, didn’t do much for me in the time I gave it, and the F2P stuff was pretty obnoxious. Destiny’s shooting just felt so much better and the tangible benefits of downloading the expansions so much clearer.

That being said, the fact that people are harvesting meat from a living tower in the new hub world may be cool enough a concept to get me tooling around a bit.

I just have so little time to game these days, I’m okay with delayed gratification but I need super solid mechanics in the meanwhile.


Warframe typically does a pretty large expansion every year. Its not always good (ie The Archwing) but damned if they don’t try.


I downloaded it but never played it. While I’ve neglected every game I’ve purchased in what feels like this generation thus far, I could see myself downloading and playing it after seeing the latest update. Looks promising.


These games get compared a lot and I see why, both have violence, co-op, and are in space. I’ve been playing Warframe since a little before the PS4 came out which was around half a year after the beta. They make massive changes every year to the game, trashing and introducing new systems or adding new modes of gameplay. I did play Destiny for a good year or so and I liked it, but even though there are lots of comparison points they’re such different games. Warframe is fast, Destiny is a bit of a slug. Destiny you have a couple powers you get to use occasionally. Warframe you constantly dole out powers. Destiny you have procedurally generated weapons that have a certain amount of variance to them. Warframe you get hundreds of handcrafted weapons that go beyond the shotgun, sniper, automatic, pistol way of thinking. Destiny is stable AF. Warframe is constantly experimenting so its not always going to work.

While I am excited for the big open environment in Warframe. I am a bit worried about how mnay hours that will actually create. You have a limit to how high you can jump in Destiny. There is nothing stopping you in Warframe from reaching the top of the map. But if the Forza Horizon games can have a good open world to drive around, I don’t see why Warframe can’t either.


I’ve been playing Warframe off and on since beta. Every year or so it felt like a completely different game. The reveal on Saturday looked amazing, though. The art direction reminded me of Destiny and a little bit of Monster Hunter. For a free to play game, it’s incredibly solid, although the build times on items and some of the micro transaction stuff can get a little harrowing if there’s a shiny frame you want to play but don’t want to grind for.

As for the question: I guess it depends on what you’re looking for out of the games. I don’t know that a straight Warframe to Destiny comparison makes a lot of sense? They both have similar, broad strokes trappings, but there’s a vast disparity in studio resources (even though Bungie seems pretty invested in making bad decisions with those resources). Plus while Destiny has kind of low key been a sort-of MMO shooter (or an MMO shooter that pivoted when it looked like the traditional MMO business model wouldn’t fly) I think Warframe was a little more overt about its free to play trappings.

I will say, straight up, the traversal and movement in Warframe is unfuckwithable. Once you wrap your head around it, it’s just incredible.


This thread got me to reinstall again last night, and I kind of hate that I’ve played before.

Everything feels very different, and I have no idea what I should be doing. (A common theme in my time with the game.)

I have a maxed out Nyx, and Valkyr, a few maxed out weapons, I can’t find my dog. I have a lot of the map open to me, but not all of it, and much of what I have unlocked is supposedly locked from other areas I have unlocked. I don’t know how many weapon/warframe slots I have, and can’t find a place to check.

Can anyone here… point me in a direction? Should I be working on maxing out more gear, which would mean grinding more materials/blueprints, etc. while selling maxed out gear? (I vaguely recall that being some form of progression?) Should I be working on just unlocking the map? Is there a good place to see what, if anything I own is worth plat to other players to buy more frame slots?

At this point, this kinda exceeds the walls of what this thread seems to intend to be. It isn’t a Warframe assistance/discussion thread, but it, and I mentioned it in extremely vague terms before, is my problem with Warframe. I don’t have these questions in Destiny. Never have. The closest is “how do I do X the fastest?” Never “what am I doing, what am I meant to be doing? Why?”