Is Warframe going to out-Destiny Destiny?


Hi long time Warframe veteran, Glad to see the hype going around Waypoint and this thread. First thing first:

Anime (Dunno what system your playing on so forgive me)

  • In your ship next to your arsenal there should be a incubator where your kubrow would be laying. If its not there then two thing may have happen.
    A: You fell off the game to do other things (Live life, play other stuff, etc) which your kubrow was neglected and died a long time ago which you should have a dna stabilizer to keep it alive. (Sorry for your lost :frowning: )
    B: you sent your Kubrow in stasis which cryogenically preserved your dog and at any time you can resurrect it.

  • The Star chart. If your on a planet let say earth and you want to travel to other planets, you have to unlock the junction heading to the different planet.
    In order to unlock the junction you have to fulfill its requirement such as complete a quest, kill 200 enemies, complete a spy mission, etc.
    Once you complete the list you go to the junction and face an AI warframe and kill it (Dont worry too much just bring your best equipment and murder it)
    Basically getting to a different planet is structured like a mario game. Just complete node to node until you reach the junction and complete its requirment

  • In order to check how many slots are available just go to menu<Equipment <Inventory. There you will see how many slots is available for your warframe, weapons, pets, and sentinels. Plus other stuff too.

  • There may be a lot of things to do such as grinding and unlocking stuff but don’t let it overwhelm you. The main priority is to have fun and progress through quest.
    The main quest you should be focusing on are:
    The Archwing: Unlock the archwing and become a true space ninja
    Natah : Head to uranus select any mission (peferably capture) and scan for blue ghost using a codex scanner. this will unlock upcoming missions that will be essential to warframe
    The Second Dream : Heavy story lore and unlocks new mechanics
    The War Within : More Lore and new mechanic
    Also if you have mercury unlocked try getting to a relay ( its a social hub containing missions shops and mastery rank training which helps you hone your skills and learn the mechanics of warframe.)

  • Trading is not really my forte. Im more of a consumer then a entrepreneur. Best way to make plat for me is either have the newer prime parts you farmed from relics or be part of a syndicate and trade weapons and mods for it (You could be in 4 out of six syndicates if you manage properly)

My advice for anyone new is to play with a group or join a clan. The warframe community is very friendly enough that you could ask around in the recruit chat ingame and ask be be taxi to missions around the solar system.

If there is any veterans Interested in making a Waypoint clan you could feel free to ask me or the Giantbomb Warframe clan for help and we could try to assist you in making a dojo and bring the Waypoint community interested in playing warframe to play together and understand warframe. Plus be part of our alliance too :wink:

For a lengthy faq you could check out this site my clan wrote:

And our Update to keep tabs on whats going on:


Wow, I was not actually expecting a response, and this is… rather comprehensive. I’ll have to give it a bit more of a shake.

Thank you!


In no small part because of this thread, I got back into Warframe. After a few days of waiting on a ban appeal, which apparently happened to a lot of people and in my case probably had to do with me moving, I entered a state of overwhelming confusion. “What did I do last? I’m playing a Volt for the new tutorial mission? I don’t remember having an Ember.” I was lost. Luckily, following the new quest system I finally got my bearings and found why I loved the game before I dropped it.

This is in many ways a better game than I left it. The movement feels better, slicker, faster, the matchmaking and quest system feels nicer, and graphics-wise it looks better (but that might be because of a new graphics card). The new areas look great and I’m looking forward to the new wide open spaces.

The grind is still there for new items and upgrades, but I’m more relaxed about it. The frames I have right now are pretty versatile. Anything new is something to shoot for. An objective in this game is a focus point to me rather than a something to knuckle down for.

Overall, really glad I’m getting back into it.


Reporting in after a month or so with Warframe. I’m in deep, man. I’m in deep.

Just unlocked my first prime weapon and I’m VERY happy to continue farming relics and endless missions a couple times a day or whenever I get to it. Only have two frames currently but I’m mere hours away from building a nice Rhino for myself.

Thanks to OP for bringing this awesome game to my attention. Now all I need is to join a clan so I can get in on that sweet sweet clan research.


Congrats on the prime weapons, which one did you end up getting?


This might help me get over the hump to the release of 2.


If you interested in joining a clan there is room in the Giant Bomb Clan (Former site Austin and Patrick used to work at). There are a lot of friendly veterans willing to help and we mostly talk about warframe and whatever antics the staff of Giantbomb or people at waypoint is doing.

Our discord channel is at


Thanks. I’ll look it up this weekend!


@ChefLuBu I got Braton Prime and I am 1 component away from getting Paris Prime and Trinity Prime.


I’ve really enjoyed Skill-Up’s videos on Warframe recently, it’s so strange seeing this part of gaming that I had no idea existed, and how awesome it all looks.


I reinstalled it recently and the stuff in this thread has been encouraging. I’m getting pretty excited to try it again.


Trinity Prime neuropterics don’t really exiiiiiiiiiist, good luck. :smiley:


Just need the systems!


I’ve really enjoyed playing Warframe in the past, but I recently booted it up and they’ve changed the planet UI and now I have no idea how to navigate to a mission I want to play, which missions will provide any progress, which missions are level-relevant for me etc. etc. That game has always had a terrible UI and they seem to keep making it worse and worse.


The Starchart maybe confusing for people coming back from a long hiatus and seeing many new features or mechanics getting a different overhaul.

For anyone lost on what to do or where to go I recommend checking what planets you have access to. In doing so you might see a node on the edge of the planet called junction. Your goal should be to gain access to these junctions by completing missions between the node you started from and work your way to the junction.

Before you start the junction it also has specific requirements it want you to achieve before entering in it such as assassinating the planet’s boss, reaching a certain mastery rank completing a certain amount of waves on a defense mission, etc.

Once you fulfill these requirements you have to fight a warframe specter to claim the junction. In doing so you will unlock access to another planet and you gain rewards such as weapons and warframe bp and a new quest to start.

Once you get the hang of navigating through-out the solar system i recommend going to Uranus and try to unlock “The Second Dream” quest as it will open up to alot of lore and features that makes the game and upcoming content feel special.

**Spoilers for The Second Dream**


If anyone is joining up for the first time or trying to progress through the starchart hit me up @Pearlmania in game. I’m usually on quite a bit on the weekend at at least a little bit each evening during the week.

On an unrelated note I just found out that DE is a Canadian company (not canadian owned any more but located and staffed Canadian) and they are just down the road from where I live at the moment. Makes me much happier to spend my hard earned dollars on Plat or Access now and again.


Thats pretty cool that you live in that area. They also have their own convention in London Ontario every year since 2016 called TennoCon.


As someone who clearly has a good grip on the UI updates, do you feel that they’ve improved the experience? A lot of the people who I’ve tried to introduce the game to have given up because they find the UI confusing. The fancy graphics are nice, but I really feel like the game needs at least a ‘recommended mission’ button or icon.


What platform do you play on (also what timezone)? I might try and give the game another go but I’ll probably be playing on PS4 since I don’t have regular access to my PC at the moment.


I believe the star chart looks much better then before mainly because DE reverted back to their original design when the game started which currently looks like a road map that leads to different directions. Before that It was a bunch of missions wrapped around a planet which not only did it looked ugly but confuses people on what missions they need to do to take on the boss to progress.

Starchart Planet



If anyone is still lost and trying to navigate the map this might help

I always feel for anyone who previously played warframe before and recently came back may get lost and overwhelmed due to the sheer amount of content that been produced over they years compared to anyone who started fresh who’s main concern is just to navigate the solar system and raise their mastery rank to unlock more slots for their weapons and warframe then worry about endgame content in the future.

This game doesn’t really have a main goal or objective that guides you through the story and lore. Its more of a go as you please type experience where you may stumble upon a quest that introduces new characters or warframe to try out.
Most people just want to raise their Mastery Rank by collecting everything and raising their weapons and frame to max level.
The only roadblocks that prevents you from going to other planets are junctions that requires some backtracking and menial task to complete before progressing.