Is Warframe going to out-Destiny Destiny?


Not Destiny 2 though or Destiny 3. But Warframe is better than the original Destiny for sure.


I agree with some of the post about Destiny and Warframe being two completely different games between gun and swordplay. However there are a large number of Destiny players leaving the game due to the fact that bungie has lost sight of what is important to the gamers. As far as the topic goes of Warframe out destiny destiny, that is entirely possible with the new expansion. I will give you a bit of a backstory on myself, I have been a destiny player since the alpha from the first destiny. I have play Destiny for well over two and a half years and I have not even bothered to give Destiny 2 a try for one very good reason. Destiny 2 is just as repetitive as Destiny 1, all of the weapons are literally the same in terms of assault rifles, Fusion rifles, pulse rifles, hand cannons, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, and other various weapons that you grind for for no apparent reason. Every weapon class that you get in this game is literally the same as every other damn gun you grind for. Now don’t get me wrong I do not hate destiny, it’s just an incredibly repetitive grind that punishes you a lot more than it will reward you. It is a game for those who do like a good challenge. But the problem with the developer for Destiny is they love to mislead you gamers when they release an expansion, an example would be you pre-order and expansion that is coming out for the game, they tell you what you are going to get in your pre-order once the expansion is released. When the expansion is released, you are stuck grinding for what was supposed to be given to you from the get-go. The other part that is bothersome about Destiny is Bungie and Activision have the audacity to advertise a season pass that will only cover two expansions, the rest you will be paying $30 for. A season pass is usually supposed to cover all DLC for the entire life the game is out, Bungie and Activision doing something like this deters The Gamers from wanting to play Destiny. This is the reason why the new update for Warframe could potentially be the end game for Destiny.


I started it up last weekend and put 3+ hours into it so far. I’m enjoying it. I don’t know how much I’ll stick with it (or D2 for that matter) as I"m not that into grindy/endless games anymore. But I liked what I played and will play more for sure.


It’s grindy but never feels like i’m grinding for random loot.

More just working towards some sort of ridiculous gun/sword/gunsword


I tried it over the summer and kinda despised it. It just felt clunky and kinda bad. I might give it another shot but I think Destiny is closer to the experience that I want, simplified. Destiny has room to be a little bit more complex with its quests and grind I think. Warframe felt like it was a little too extreme for me.


I have almost 300 hours on Warframe. I have 20 hours on Destiny 2 (PC). I think Destiny 2 is the better game :stuck_out_tongue:

First off, they are radically different games. They both do a lot of things amazingly well and I love them both, but at the end of the day here is why I think Destiny 2 is superior:

  1. Co-op feels genuinely cooperative. In Warframe we were in the same place doing the same thing, but very little we did directly impacted any other player. In Destiny I feel like I’m working with the people I play with.

  2. The variety of guns in Destiny, though quite a bit smaller, is more relevant. The pace of Warframe is so fast that precision guns get hugely outclassed by high volume automatics very quickly. The bows feel awesome, but even if you never missed a shot, you can’t kill fast enough in later game content.

  3. Destiny is a far more polished game. There are so many obtuse design choices in Warframe. Content is locked behind dramatic time gates. Recipies, ingredients and new quests would be impossible to find without relying on a wiki, and the wiki isn’t that great. Destiny has an uninterrupted flow to it.

  4. I don’t have to trade or spend real money in a cash shop in Destiny.

  5. The environments are more varied, more beautiful and more interesting in Destiny. Warframe is a nice looking game, with some really interesting esthetics, but Destiny is gorgeous.

Those are my thoughts as a long time Warframe player. I’m really excited to dive deeper into Destiny 2 and I really hope it holds up :smiley:


Destiny’s advantage over Warframe is that it divides up everything it wants you to do into clearly delineated, digestible chunks, where Warframe after the tutorial just kinda goes “Hey, here’s five years’ worth of stuff to do, go nuts!”

I get for a lot of people that kind of exploration is appealing, but I generally get frustrated when I can’t exactly tell what my gameplay loop is going to be, and I’m not really a fan of having to have people tell me or read a wiki to figure that out. I feel like it should be possible for a game to explain that, either explicitly or through a subtle guided tour.


I love some super dumb weapons like the forever fun orbital launch Sonicor


Warframe offers an awful lot of things to do and is incredibly polished but as a trade-off you have to either spend an amount of time selling things in the market or spend a bunch of cash. If you don’t, it becomes a drag…


I’ve gotten super into this game lately. Is there a Waypoint based clan on PS4? Would love to play with y’all.

Edit to clarify: Warframe not Destiny 2.


Been trying to play this a little but I can’t feel any motivation to get into it. I don’t understand what I’m working towards with the grind. The shooting and movement feels pretty good (melee does not) so I can see why it would be appealing to put time into.

Most of all I don’t like how it looks. I’m leaning more and more towards “ugly”. The environments are a mess of textures and shapes, and enemies completely blend into them. The style of guns and armour is wild, but mostly just a lot. If the game had a clean, fun look I’d more likely play, I suspect.


I’m with you. I’ve installed the game on and off over the years (most recently when the open world update landed) and it just doesn’t sit right with me.

On paper, it should be my game - it has a bunch of things to chase and seemingly great customisation options if you put in the work.

In reality, I hate the colour palette, I find the character designs off-putting and the worlds feel empty and lacking in charm.


I’ve played it quite a bit over the past week, and it’s really grown on me.

PVP seems stupid lopsided though if somebody’s got top shelf gear though.


I’m gonna give warframe a try after reading this thread. I did buy five games yesterday people here recommended as GOTY contenders though, so want to try them before sites do their end of year thing. I am really looking forward to this game though. Wasn’t there a big update recently?.


They added a open world map on earth for everyone to join even if your brand new to the game. In this map you could go fishing, mining or hunt giant monsters called eidolon which can only be killed by players who completed “The War Within” quest.
There is also a town when you start the map which is basically a social hub where you can buy / craft weapons or decor for your ship.


PVP is not great and most people just end up ignoring it. My group of friends that play each have over 500 hours and no one touches that part of the game. We just focus on doing things like upgrading the dojo and trying to get cool new loot.


i didn’t like this game when I played it a couple years ago but I think it’s great now. Always stuff to work towards and it feels good to play. I love that the weapon/warframe variety means you have a lot of different options of how to play—and I say that as someone still using a starter warframe.

I don’t know how long I’ll stick with it but it’s a great game to pop in and out of.


I’m glad this thread got a solid answer pretty quickly.

A fairly confident, if not smug “yep.”

Although, I suspect “out-Destiny” is going to mean something new from now on.


Seeing the direction Destiny 2 took, I don’t think they’re even trying to scratch the same itch anymore.


They were always very different anyways, though. Destiny is about loot whereas Warframe really is not—it’s only about loot in the sense that you are going through levels for resources.

I do think one of the smartest things they did though is essentially make Warframes into “classes”. Destiny 2 having so few classes doesn’t seem like the greatest thing.