Is Warframe going to out-Destiny Destiny?


I really do wish there were more “roles” in Destiny. They made some steps with certain subclasses and the class abilities, but I think there’s a lot more that could be explored. Then again, that applies to a lot of that game.


I played a little bit of warframe back when it was in beta and more recently before Christmas. I think it does some things really well. The combat feels nice and I like the wall running (I always like the wall running) but I just couldn’t get into it. I don’t think it explains its various systems very well. I got to the new open area and just didn’t know what I was doing. It was laggy and full of higher MOBs. I get that it’s F2P and does some things that Destiny should probably look to emulate but I do feel like Destiny is the superior game.

I was playing Destiny 2 a couple of weeks back with my friends. My friend unlocked one of the exotic ships from the Christmas dawning event. Without thinking, I started openly mocking him because his ship looked Warframe as fuck.

I’m the worst kind of person.

But c’mon this ship looks warframe as fuck. I mean what is that? With all the spoilers, curves and spikes… a little too much overdesign… a little too warframe if you ask me.


It really, really does. I bet that eventually there will end up being a Warframe named “Cerulean”.


Warframe existed long before destiny no? I’d suggest destiny under warframed warframe… To flip the question without strawman’ing the discussion.

Graphically warframe is amazing and evil as they are can not get enough Orokin architecture in my life! The game is brilliant and although i concede i’ve spent a fair bit of cash in my 300 hours of play time i’ve never stopped loving warframe for years! Ironically i’m still working on story missions and only just unlocked a major aspect of play last month, yep it only took what six years of play to do that!

There’s a big difference in warframe to destiny; accessiblity and explaination. Warframe can be very obtuse and definely gives me pause advising everyone to try it but its definely one to pick up and just try for a while.


All it needs to do is move in an unnervingly organic fashion and yep, you’ve got the Scimitar: