Is Yoshi an animal or a person?

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Can Yoshi talk? If they can’t does that stop them from being considered a person? Are those actual shoes or just shoe-shaped hooves? Have Yoshis ever had real agency beyond self-preservation?

What does it mean to be a person? And does Yoshi meet that criteria?

If Yoshi is an animal should he be allowed to hold a gun? If Yoshi is a person where did society go wrong that he should have a gun?


Yoshi is as much a person as Toad. He can operate a motor vehicle, after all. Giving Mario a ride is a curtesy as a friend, not as a mindless beast of burden.


what about boshi though


Yoshi is a friend!!


I object to the distinction—this dualistic conception of the possibility space of Yoshi-nature acts to obscure the defining struggles shared by both Yoshi and Man. Do we not all feel social obligation as a product of instinct and intellect alike?

Is Yoshi a gun?


He certainly is!


Boshi is Badass Yoshi (hence the B)


all persons are animals


If the Yoshis can muster up a complex relay system across a whole island, they’re definitely at least competent. Saving Baby Mario is not self-preservation, nor is their wanton desire to charge into pits.

Yoshi has as much right to a gun as anyone else.


Yoshi is more a person than Toad because he is a chordate and a vertebrate whereas Toad is some sort of fungoid lifeform which puts him at an extreme evolutionary remove from “people” as we have come to define them.


Yoshi is a person whose animal species is a … lizard thing?

I’m a person whose animal species is fancy monkey.


I was speaking more to their level of consciousness, but in terms of physicality you are absolutely right. I mean, I think you are right. Toad is definitively a fungoid? Obviously they look like a mushroom of some kind… you must be right. At the very least they are a fungoid/humanoid hybrid thing, much like I assume Princess Peach to be.


it has always seemed like a missed opportunity to not give Boshi a hat.


yeah, I got pretty homo-sapiens centric there huh? I don’t know what came over me.


The pesky Id i am sure.
“Listen yoshi, i am the apex predator, therefore sit here and absorb my lecture on your physiology”


“Something something Yoshi. Listen, I read a book on genetics earlier this week so you are all going to sit here and listen while I use the word chordate correctly”


yoshi is neither god nor man


yoshi is my dad and i love her so


Yoshi is the missing link between Goofy and Pluto.


are the things they eat contained within the eggs they lay? or do they just have colorful egg shaped poops?