Is Yoshi Wabirdo, or is Birdo Wayoshi?

  • Yoshi is Wabirdo
  • Birdo is Wayoshi

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this of course assumes a yoshi/birdo duality which is a hill i can be argued down from, BUT:
yoshi is friend to the mario brothers, while birdo shoots eggs at them in battle. birdo by this logic is the WA in the pairing,
birdo shoots eggs out of her mouth, the blessed egg-hole, whereas yoshi shoots eggs out of his butt, the cursed egg-hole. birdo takes nothing and only gives precious egg, but yoshi consumes all as an avatar for greed, just as wario does.
who, wa, where, when, how


I think a large part of being a Wa- character is how they are a conceptual corruption of a previously established entity. Mario begat Wario, Luigi begat Waluigi, Bowser begat Bowser Jr., et cetera. Birdo appeared first in SMB 2, with Yoshi following up in Super Mario World. In this light, Yoshi being a Wabirdo (or an evolutionary offshoot of Wabirdo??) makes the most sense.


wait wait wait
are you implying bowser junior is wabowser


I cannot in good faith answer this question without knowing where Boshi stands in relation to the others.


is boshi the wafire birdo to birdo’s fire birdo


This is not good. We can’t do this, we need to stop these. I was on bord with all the hotdog/sandwhich hubbubballoo, Bastion copulating, I even intertained the Pizza/pinapple thing.

This is too far, y’all. We need to stop Waypoint.


is pineapple pizza wapizza is the real question here


Are you implying Bowser Jr. is the good one?

@Lassemomme You’re right. This would never happen on Mypoint.


What you’re suggesting is that “Wa” is a modifier, rather than just part of the name? That a “Wa” inverts its target? Is Mario WaWario? Is Luigi WaWaluigi? Would a WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWario be Wario again? We have to develop a shorthand. WAx10^154 is a Mario, whereas WAx10^3843 is an Wario, hereafter referred to as Mario^-1

In this scenario, then, we can create a handy formula for designation, to find the function Wa of any object


okay, riddle me this, forum users

is waypoint the good one & the bad one wawaypoint? or is waypoint the evil ypoint





Waypwnt is the evil Waypoint but it doesn’t have a Wa- prefix.

who could have predicted this. our calculations were all off.


The clear answer here is that Ypoint is the evil one and Waypoint is the good one, as proven in Example A:

Wario > Mario


typeset in WaTeX




Eater eats food
Waiter serves food



Where does Ostro stand in this? Isn’t Birdo Wa-Ostro?


I feel a crucial detail here is that Y is not a P upside down. Birdo and Yoshi are not opposite counterparts, rather they are opposed by the as yet unseen pirdo and hoshi.

We can only speculate on what Pirdo and Hoshi might be like, but it is important to realize that Wario and Waluigi are not opposites of their counterparts, rather they are dark mirrors, Wario, like Mario is short and fat but far more so. Likewise, Luigi, the taller Mario Brother is mirrored by Waluigi who is stretched out to ghoulish proportions. Poshi then is perhaps a monstrous lizard of insatiable appetite, devouring all in his path with no regard. Pirdo, one imagines, may spew constantly from it’s foul proboscis. it is not hard to imagine why we have not yet seen these characters, they are foul abominations, as foul as wario is deriving from a virtuous human but a hundred-fold more so deriving from reptilian beasts with alien biology, Pirdo and Hoshi, whatever their traits can only be eldritch horrors.


Consider the following:


the obvious answer is that waypoint is evil ypoint but evil waypoint would be wawaypoint
there can be varying degrees of evil website (or wasite)


ok i’ve drawn up a diagram of data i’ve collected so far on the candidates