Israel attacks Gaza demonstration (CW: Violence)

Land Day is a day of commemoration of the killing of six Palestinians who protested the confiscation of Palestinian land in 1976 to expand Jewish settlements in 1948 Palestine. Last Friday, a massive Land Day protest took place along the Gaza border, to which Israel responded, as ever, with massive violence, including recorded incidents of Israeli soldiers shooting protesters in the back (massive CW for both videos, naturally).

Not much more I can say. This was a despicable act, though completely in line with how this regime responds to any sort of Palestinian protest.

EDIT: The article says 15 dead, but the number has increased since.


And it’s happening again, including an 8 month old girl, Layla Anwar Al-Ghandour, who died from tear gas inhalation. Who fires into a crowd knowing children and babies are there? Who wouldn’t lay down arms and take the court martial rather than follow an order that monstrous?

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bruh the idf have been known to wear t-shirts with a picture of a pregnant woman on them and a slogan that said “one shot two kills” so this is kind of exactly who they are


Yeah, I mean, kudos for tha faith in humanity but these shitrags have been at it since the advent of Zionist colonization.


@dogsarecool @BigNoNo yeah I know it just…fucking depresses and enrages me they don’t have even a moment of “hey Palestinians aren’t criminals with a death sentence from birth just because they aren’t ethnically cleansed enough from unceded land we want to illegally occupy, no matter what the settler-colonial state that demanded this service of me says”

that wasn’t an expression of faith in humanity, just continued despair and fear that we’re that easy to turn into murderers


Let’s avoid condescension here if possible. This is a subject that should be given our full focus in discussion. Sidelining a thread by highlighting that something has Always Been Bad is unproductive at best.

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Reading it back, I understand why my comment seems condescending, and I should have phrased it better. But I was actually being genuine on both counts. In times like these, it’s really important to keep up faith in people and to still be disturbed by these acts; however, there’s this idea that more liberal supporters of Israel* push that these terrible things have only been happening since 1967, or even just since Netanyahu became Prime Minister, and it’s an idea that we need to actively argue against.

It’s not “Always Been Bad” for the sake of seeming smarter than someone else, it’s for the sake of countering the idea of “Only Been Bad Recently, so the problem is Netanyahu / the 1967 occupation and not colonialism”.

*And of course, I’m not accusing anyone here of being one of them, but they are very prevalent in the media and even much of the left is still influenced by them.


Yeah, on the topic of how long it’s been bad, these protests are literally the 70th anniversary of the Nakba (the Disaster), i.e. the ethnic cleansing from village to village of Palestinians in order to illegally seize and occupy land without having to treat Palestinians with equal respect and negotiate living side by side, and these are explicit methods and goals right out of the mouths and pens of the architects of '48.

I’m friends and comrades with a few Israeli anti-capitalists living in Israel, mostly not Ashkenazi and who have some pretty depressing things to say about how not just Ethiopian Beta Israel folks are treated (which has been getting some coverage lately) but even Maghrebi/Sephardi/Mizrahi Jewish folks (my friends among them) get pretty contemptuous treatment unless they’re willing to opt into an inclusion-as-enclosure that silences dissent about treatment of Palestinians period (much less outright criticism of settler-colonialism and the settler-colonial state of Israel needing to abolish itself and start from square one with Palestinians by recognizing Palestine’s full extent before ethnic cleansing and illegal land seizures) and even then those non-Ashkenazi politicians who walk in lock-step with Israeli nationalism can get snide and contemptuous treatment in the press for daring to speak up about differential treatment amongst different Jewish ethnic/cultural groups in Israel - even their own.

Like any settler-colonial state, there are clear grips on power whatever the claims to diversity and equality in the PR, and challenging the PR (much less the power) is often vilified. Israel as a state isn’t a big fan of Jewish Israeli voices who they can’t just reductively tar and feather as antisemites, and what used to get out largely as statements from admittedly fringe groups (Anarchists Against the Wall/אנרכיסטים נגד גדרות, for example, who are badass af, I met someone who organized with them on a roadtrip vacation at the Montréal Anarchist Bookfair in 2012 and he was a super sweet, compassionate dude and really informative) is now slowly becoming more common to hear from just regular Israelis who get more detailed information than IDF propaganda from human rights groups online and so on. It’s still not the massive sea change needed, but this trend at a trickle does have hope of accelerating, and I know there’s been a big influence from diaspora Jewish groups like If Not Now (who just held Embassy of Freedom marches/protests/events simultaneous to the horrifying events of the last few days) and Jewish Voice for Peace (who recently went on a blacklist from the state of Israel saying anyone associated with them can’t travel to/be in Israel for supporting/participating in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement) on the thinking of young Israelis, so minds are changing because of the internet connecting far-flung Jewish voices (from secular voices over to even Rabbinical ones) standing with Palestine and against the occupation.

It’s just change so slow that children keep dying, so it’s a depressing pace.


I agree with that estimation of the situation. The left is growing and radicalizing, but at a very slow pace, and very few of its members are all that reliable. No wonder a lot of Palestinians reject cooperation even with anti-Zionist Jewish Israelis.

I am curious about your friends, though - we may have mutual acquaintances. Drop me a DM if it’s something you can talk about without endangering anyone.

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@BigNoNo Check your DMs.

While the global reaction from world leaders is far from where it needs to be, there does feel to be some change in the sentiment from the politically active (Anglosphere’s Left and youth movements) - especially in terms of what people (with some level of audience) are prepared to say in public. I’ve seen much more from Jewish American activists recently. That seems key, with US gov funding Israeli gov/IDF viability; and recent legal challenges to BDS not finding as easy path as some expected.

After several years of major publications talking about how dapper neo-Nazi leaders are but also how dangerous the antifa (and other movements which have consistently opposed fascist populism) are, their credibility when claiming to amplify the only “genuine” or “true” Jewish voices in the diaspora has maybe finally eroded to where it is no longer credible for the average person (plus social media meaning it’s harder to claim Jewish voices all have the same thing to say). While most of the UK press united to attack Jewdas recently (led by far-Right extremists), the constant anti-Corbyn tirades has started to turn a lot of the public off and so it became more of an opportunity for a Jewish group to increase their reach and promote their activism. The above about a trickle/the pace being slow is right but I do wonder if there is actually more hope for the future now, despite how dark the current times are. Trump and May (two leaders associated with fascism) can be as close as they like with Netanyahu, if the public understand the voice of many in the Jewish diaspora to be most concerned with anti-Semitism on the Right (y’know, where the actual neo-Nazis organise) and actually in support of moves like BDS (in solidarity with the Palestinian people), the status quo would likely become untenable (and the silencing of Palestinian voices and human rights orgs much harder to justify using the claims of the government PR).


Oh sure, worldwide the tide is turning fast. I’m actually pretty optimistic about the US in general in the slightly longer term. I was only referring to the rate in Israel.

I remember the whole Jewdas thing. Israeli media piled on, naturally. But I feel like that campaign really failed to gain traction. A lot of people seemed to like their alternative Seder, and rightly so.


There are so many problems with Justin Trudeau’s politics, but there are times where I’m thankful we actually have someone with a shred of decency in power.

…Even if the reason he is making this gesture is because a Canadian was one of the many casualties.

…And even if he claims there was “incitement” involved by protesters.



ugh classic Liberal Party milquetoast response “better investigate the excessive force used on protesters who incited regular force…make sure it wasn’t regular force! then we can be mad!”