It looks like NeoGAF is no more

I actually lurked on Neogaf a lot, and just recently got my membership approved. It’s a shame, but the real tragedy from this whole situation are those hurt by the owner. Shout outs to the mods leaving in solidarity. It was the right decision.

Really bummed about what happened. The community threads for shows were fantastic on GAF. Watching the new season of Agents of SHIELD will not be the same anymore.

That said, good on the mods for not tolerating it or trying to do damage control for Tyler.

Yeah, even if the forum comes back, unless Tyler steps down, I refuse to use it.


It’s odd seeing a forum i posted on for years to under but the context in which it happened justifies its demise. I’ve listened to every episode of Waypoint Radio so coming here seemed like a natural fit to have an inclusive space to simply discuss games.

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I had been on GAF since 2007. I had some great times on there. NHLGaf, RealGaf, PersonaGAF(for a time). I look back and appreciate GAF for being my place to talk about games instead of going to a horrible place like 4chan like a lot of my friends did at the time. This was like 10 years ago, so, I had spent a lot of time on there.

About two years ago though something changed and I started spending a lot less time on there. I stopped posting in the Gaming side entirely because of how disgustingly negative it was. Off Topic soon followed. Then I was only posting in the community threads I liked. Soon that stopped too as new people joined and took those threads in directions I didn’t like. Tried joining new communities but that never worked out, again, because of the aforementioned negativity.

So for about a year now I straight up haven’t posted on GAF. Still, it’s weird to see it go because I can’t deny the good times and friends I made there. Even if it comes back under new management or whatever I don’t think I’ll be going back. This place and Twitter have been much better for my current sensibilities.


Man, what the hell :anguished: I’ve been lurking there for years. I’m glad mods are taking a stand. there’s no excuse for this kind of behavior.

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The BCT on GAF had been under threat and pressure for so long, like many of the other minority community threads, it’s almost like we got to come up for air. Most groups that were under pressure had a second stop, or a third ready to roll when whatever hit the fan first, or whoever attempted to dismantle us again.

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Canada PoliGAF was nice. Not many places to talk about Canadian politics online without some unsavory stuff.

So I’ve gone ahead and made a thread here for Canadian politics.

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I’m going to miss the B/S/T thread, was looking to sell my games to some mostly trustworty people and this happens. Ouch. I was rrs/thecharrr there, much of a background poster but this place looks good for a place to talk games without the jerks

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Might as well make an account here. Gaf had some good people on it. Sad to see it go. Oh well.

Wow. I’m feeling kinda speechless this morning.

I’ve been a member of NeoGAF since 2000, back when it was “Gaming-Age Forums”. I went by a few different user names over the years, but I was largely a lurker for the whole time, often preferring to read rather than contribute. The gaming side of things always entertained with the latest news and discussions. For me and perhaps many others, I often found myself being more interesting in reading discussions about games rather than actually playing them. As I got older though, I became more engaged in the off-topic community. I found most people there were largely reasonable and rational(with exceptions), and reading became a near daily ritual for me.

Its meaning for me has changed over the years. Some of the communities and posts have really enriched my life in positive ways, and made me feel like I had a spot where many people understood the world in the same way I had, while at the same time challenging me to expand my views in different ways.

Since I moved to Japan seven years ago, the forum had been my main link to the goings on of Western-culture. It’s strange for me to even be admitting that it’s been a static part of my life for nearly two decades, always there in the background when I wanted to know a bit about what’s up. It’s a large shock to realize that the community that has been a part of me might be gone for good.

I’ve been listening to Waypoint podcasts for almost a year now with a lot of interest, and so I wonder if I might find a place here. If you’ve been here a while already, I hope you’ll welcome one more casual poster but active reader. For my NeoGAF brothers, I look forward to reading about what that community meant for you.


This was just posted in the Discord server:

“Hello everyone, as Dopus just mentioned I’m presently organizing an effort to create a successor forum. We have a lot of talented people on board and we’re aiming to get something up and running as soon as possible. We want to make sure it’s built to last so that when we make the move it doesn’t crash immediately, but rest assured that a solution is on the way. If you have any web development expertise or experience managing a high volume site, feel free to contact me if you’d like to help out!”

Wonder how that’ll work out.


Well, shit. Hell of a way for it to crash and burn. Do we have an active Indie Dev community around here for me to crash in now that the GAF Indie Devs thread probably isn’t going to be worthwhile to visit much longer?

Not well. It’s going to be hard for any new forum to match that kind of traffic, even as a replacement. The community was the only reason to stick around.

I won’t go back (even if it does come back) unless Malka steps down and/or sells, but GAF has as long as I’ve been around pretty intolerant of people being overt shitheads and/or bigots and that is hard to find in video games, especially one of that size.

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Well I found all of this news quite shocking. I found out about it this morning and coupled with like half of the mod team leaving or getting banned and the fact that you can’t reach the site anymore, it doesn’t look good for the site. Obviously, what tyler is being accussed of way more serious than a gaming forum but I was a member of the site for 5 years and lurked for 2 years prior. That’s a large portion of my life dedicated to one site. All the wonderful people, the communities I was apart of, posts, silly threads, and inside jokes are all gone now. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t affecting me.

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Honestly, I don’t think GAF is going away. I kind of feel like GAF as a site is too big to fail. I think that’s part of the reason the site struggles to be up right now – it’s getting so hammered by traffic from people waiting to see what’s going to happen.

I’ll admit, though, I don’t know how it will recover. Even if Evilore stepped down, he built a moderator staff of people who supported him. There’s been shenanigans behind the scenes for years if you know where to look, specifically regarding guys like Amir0x (who was arrested earlier this year for possession of child pornography). That’s not to say I think all GAF mods were corrupt; I know there were some good people, and I think those first few names that quit the moderator team earlier today reflect that.

But there were too many people who relied on GAF for news, for communication, etc. It’s not just going to dissolve in to nothing, nor is it going to result in Waypoint (or anywhere else, for that matter) becoming the new GAF.

I think a lot of people still want to go to GAF and use GAF, just… minus the bad stuff, I guess.

I dunno. It’s all weird. It’s all crazy. It’s wild how this all came crashing down so hard.

What’s the Neogaf discord? Just waiting kinda sucks.

At any rate, the mod/admin team left. Without them, Neogaf is what it’s been over the past few hours - nothing but trolls making non-funny threads.

Best case scenario is that, somehow, Tyler steps down, and the mod/admin team steps back in. But I don’t see that happening, personally. I think we just witnessed the end. Came fast and swift though, weird stuff.

For those of you not familiar with the place, do note that even if it gets burned down for good reason, the people that hate NeoGAF the most are the Colin Moriarty’s and the AoS’s of the world.

So don’t celebrate it too much. Even if the right thing is done, it’d be a loss of a place where hate speech was actively stamped out on a regular basis, and that is way too rare in games :confused:


Dang, this all happened so fast. Definitely going to miss the small communities that popped up on that site like the indie game development thread, hopefully that successor site people have been talking about can bring stuff like that back.