It’s Almost GOTY Time, And Some Last-Minute Very Good Games Have Us Shook

December is a big month for a lot of reasons. It’s only a few weeks until we get a few days off, and reset for the new year. The Chicago Bears are playing meaningful football for the first time in nearly a decade. And we’re also feverishly trying to play as many video games as possible, so we can figure out what our game of the year lists are. The problem? A bunch of last-minute games we didn't expect to like so much are forcing Austin, Rob, Natalie, Patrick and Cado to throw up their hands and totally rethink their list. Who will be sacrificed in pursuit of a pure top 10 list?

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As a Lions fan, I’m just happy my team doesn’t have to play against the Bears anymore this season.

Reminder that GRIS isn’t even out yet. GOTY will never end. Gonna have to make your lists on December 31st.

i’m glad the crew also lost their minds over that despicable fucking hog

Kingdom Two Crowns is out today also. Which given the first is still my most played Switch game could very well end up in my GOTY list.

It never ends!

I’m happy Bears fans have something to be happy about. My football season ended tragically on Sunday to the 49ers and fantasy ended in total disaster of such proportions that I’ll be depressed all week now. (Never doing that again.)

Anyway, I’m so hyped for GRIS. I don’t even want to read a Best Of list in 2018 if GRIS isn’t on it. Plus Below is coming out next week.

I’m not writing my Best of 2018 List until February or March.