It’s 'PUBG' Fog, Accidental Malt Liquor, and Murder on Waypoint Radio


You know, exactly what one expects on a Monday morning.

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Anybody know where I can watch the video that Austin talks about?


I live in the Grand Rapids area where Founders Brewing is located and I can’t believe Rob didn’t note that the malt liquor he accidentally picked up is named DKML - Dick Kicker Malt Liquor. I like most of Founder’s stuff and had never had malt liquor before I tried it. I did like it but the 14% is a huge kick, and I can imagine it would definitely be a problem if you were trying a complicated new board game.

Hope he does find some Imperial Stout though, it’s one of my favorites!


Marvel Vs Capcom’s crossover Bollocks sounds super good, though I doubt it can reach the extreme heights of the Project X Zone games when it comes to exactly that kind of madness. Though the fact that there’s fully 3D animated cutscenes is certainly a selling point, no matter how dumb the models look.