Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid

Saw this making the rounds on Twitter today, and had to support it. I’m grateful itch continues more of these bundles and raising funds for good causes.

I started with Oceanwork since the PS1 vibe caught my eye. Its a straightforward but compelling little game where you dive underwater to mine for resources to mine better, repeat until ending. It’s simple enough but the loop of running back before you run out of oxygen works well. I also think it does a good job capturing a moody underwater style.

Curious to hear about any other good things people find in the bundle!


barely even looked at what’s there yet. did a quick scroll through the first 10 pages or so of things. seems amazing!


Another great bundle for a very good cause. I’ve already found a ton of things to check out and recognized a few that I wanted to shout out:

SOLITUNE is a short (~30 minutes) adventure game about an escapist fantasy to leave the city and become a shepherd. Very stylish art and a great soundtrack.

Landlord of the Woods is another short (~1 hour) adventure game with some cool art. The physics puzzles area little janky sometimes but it’s fun. Got a really good ending, too. (Content warning for teeth and some minor body horror-ish stuff?)

when it’s safe again is a very short Bitsy story about the pandemic and quarantine. It’s a cute, sad, and kinda hopeful little thing.


mixolumia is a challenging and visually striking riff on the block puzzler. has a neat pixel artstyle and an emphasis on diagonal positioning and sliding blocks.


I did a lot of digging through the Racial Justice Bundle from a year ago, and there are a few games I recognize from there that are pretty neat.

Backspace Bouken is a dungeon crawler typing game. It uses your typing speed through the first area to set the difficulty for the game, so if you’re struggling, it might be a good idea to not do your best in the beginning.

2000:1 A Space Felony is a murder mystery game where you explore a space station and find and link evidence to prove how the AI killed the people onboard. The way the game forces you to link the causality between the different pieces of evidence you find I thought was cool.

BasketBelle is a 2d platformer that starts with having you play a fairly basic basketball game, and then forces you to use the same controls and mechanics from the basketball game on a varied 2d platformer.

Lieve Oma is a short narrative game where you’re a child walking in the woods with your grandma. It’s a really cozy game that just makes me want to give my grandparents a hug.


Signs of the Sojourner is a deck building game, but more so, it’s a game about communication, the failure to do so, and change. It’s both a comforting game and a stressful game because failure feels like having a fight with someone and that’s such a deeply accurate and uncomfortable feeling. It’s a great game.

CROSSNIQ+ is a puzzle game leaning deep into the late 90s arcade DDR aesthetic.

A Mortician’s Tale is a short narrative game about being a mortician in a funeral home. It’s a somber and peaceful game and an enlightening look into some of the choices around funeral preparation.

There are so many cool TTRPGs in this package too. I haven’t run any of them yet, but having skimmed through a lot of the game, there are great experiences for groups and solo play. Pulling a small handful that looked like good single session experiences.

The Steadfast and the Rebellious Group game about rising against a demon king (or other options if you want to reskin things). Short, story-telling focused with a deck of cards as the main mechanic.

Big Gay Roadtrip GMless, small group, building small scenes about going on a road trip. Would be good for people new to TTRPGs.

The Cloister Two player game about a pilot returning home.

Beyond Super: Life Behind the Mask A solo journaling game about the life of a superhero. Takes some influence from A Quiet Year in terms of mechanics.


FYI, the game Smile For Me is included in the bundle, but they don’t distribute the game itself over itch; they only provide Steam codes.

However, they have not provided Steam codes for the bundle. All you get is the PDF explaining how to redeem a code on Steam.

I’m not sure why they were allowed to participate in the bundle when they aren’t actually providing a game or other thing.

I just bought this thanks to a tweet from Brandon Sheffield. Minit is a really good game, can’t wait to dive into some new ones

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My list mixes together with the earlier social justice/blm bundle (there’s some overlap), but it has my picks for things that seem interesting.

I’ve indicated the ones I’ve played, but not done reviews. The strength of my recommendation varies, but I don’t regret spending time with any of the ones I did play.

If pressed, I would say A Short Hike is my top pick, but I think it’s only in the earlier bundle, followed by GNOG which is in both?