It's 2012 All Over Again: We've Got 'Dragon's Dogma' Fever

Even though Austin and Natalie have been playing a bunch of Dragon’s Dogma, Patrick and Cado somehow restrain them from spending an entire episode talking about a game from 2012 and also discuss the early details Sony revealed about the PlayStation 5, the rise of GamerGate politicians, the addition of Persona 5’s Joker to Smash,, and more.

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(Post written before listening to the podcast. Spoiler for Mass Effect 3)

Speak of “2012 all over again”, I’ve been binge playing Mass Effect trilogy on PC lately, in memory of the Bioware I and many people like me remember and lost. Damn you, Anthem. (With Schreier’s recent piece on Anthem, it’s as if a “let’s say FUCK YOU, EA! with reason” trilogy has been formed along side his two pieces back in 2017 . )

As the time of this post, just escorted a female krogan off salarian home world in "Priority: Sur’Kesh " of Mass Effect 3. Even with mouse and keyboard, Mass Effect 1 is as hard to wrestle with as I remember. Mass Effect 2 is not as good as I remember, still enjoy it though. And Mass Effect 3 feels so much better with higher frame rate and better graphics, the then 6 years old Xbox 360 could not handle that game for sure.

Really happy that Dragon’s Dogma is coming out again because it means that theres gonna be a whole new wave of conversation about it and also I can spend more money on it


Them patching out Into Free in Dark Arisen and every port of the game since should be considered a crime of the highest magnitude. Yeah yeah, losing the rights to it and all that jazz, sure. Whatever. All effort weren’t taken to secure it back, though and that should fall under criminal negligence!

Seriously, song perfectly encapsulates that entire game.


I said before I can’t wait for the semester to end so I can play Sekiro, and now I’m going to have Dragon’s Dogma on top of that. It’s gonna be a good summer for games for me!

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As far as the 3D audio stuff goes, Aureal offered really effective consumer 3D audio through regular headphones ~20 years ago, but were bankrupted by a bogus patent infringement lawsuit by Creative (the soundblaster company). As I remember it, Creative purchased those patents in the bankruptcy sale and basically sat on them. Those patents should have expired over the last few years, so Sony may just be bringing cutting edge 1998 tech back (which was excellent, btw).


I’m glad they discussed cursed Knack scenarios so I have an excuse to share this cursed Knack photoshop I made on the forums.


This made me boot up the game, mess with the very good character creator again and smack some goblins and lizardmen around (and then get crushed by bandits in Witchwoods).

I never finished the game back on ps3 but I got a fair ways in, I think my main problem is that I’m expecting far too much out of your standard sword and shield combat these days, with Monster Hunter and Dark Souls (which legacies and inspirations between each other are prominent of course) taking up much of my fantasy action-rpg mind.

I really want a sequel, imagine a new Dragons Dogma that played like Monster Hunter: World, or Bloodborne even, with a less clunky UI and the attention to creature detail MHW has.

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Sword and board is really not the most efficient in DD, I think it’s similar to the DPS creep in other games. However I found the bows much more enjoyable than, monster hunter though that is due to the much lower skill curve.

If the Switch version lets me get multiple save files by switching profiles so I can have a magic build and a phyiscal build on the same console, and doesn’t require Switch Online for pawn stuff, then I am definitely buying Dragon’s Dogma for, like, the fourth time. >.>

I went magic archer, regular archer, and caster back on ps3 but I’ve really taken to melee combat in rpgs since then so I wanted to give it a go. I think I just need to be better about hitting and running away.
This game needs a dodge button.

The dagger classes have a dodge skill as far as I recall and they’re pretty fun to play.

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Big smiles over here at hearing my dumb question being read out at the end. Now I can finally finish my definitely-not-made-up thesis on the subject of The Brothers Mario.

I’m definitely gonna have to pick up Dragon’s Dogma again on switch. I’m really attached to my PC version character though, they really just clicked for me in a way that makes it hard for me to imagine anyone else going through that story. I’m gonna have to work through my feelings on that so I can take the chance to play Magic Archer.

As for Save Point 2.0 suggestions, ima bring back my suggestion from the last(brill) one and say: Shadow the Hedgehog by Comittee. Justa runthrough of Shadow the Hedgehog where the branching paths are chosen by the folks on stream. Or maybe throw it to chat, if that could be set up!

The wind is pushing meeee, into embedding from the cloud again:

Like Austin, I played the game exhaustively at launch but never got around to the Dark Arisen content. It’s past time I picked the game up on PC to rectify that.

In case anyone is inspired to dig back into Dragon’s Dogma based on this conversation, I took the cue from Austin and Natalie to make a thread for people’s pawns.

As someone who played Dragon’s Dogma on PS3 and bounced on it, I am tempted to dig back into this version. I’d had Dragon’s Dogma pitched to me as a Dark Souls-like game, which I could not find any purchase in personally.

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Like Mokka says dagger users have the most manoeuvrability. However I do remember having to mix and match to use a fighter better. Irc a lot of it came down to positioning more than anything.

Blink Strike is wonderful for knockdown, and Full Moon Slash or whatever has invincibility frames (if I remember correctly) and can be used while under attack, which helps to stagger folks when you’re being wailed on. I personally recommend knocking the difficulty down to easy until you have the tools to roll over bandits. Them having the same range of movement and attack as you is really brutal when they show up in bands of a dozen to your four, at least until you get more damage and things like Tusk Toss or a caster with Comestion to throw them around.

Oh yeah, I’m using Blink Strike constantly because it’s such a good distance closer and it knocks most enemies on their asses. I think I’ll stick with it for now because it’s working out, but there are certainly much more interesting tools in the bag of other classes. Maybe a hybrid class will be my thing.

Where does the community fall on this divisive issue?

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