It's a Great Month to Have a Nintendo Switch


On today's Waypoint Radio, the crew of Austin, Danielle, Patrick and Rob is all here to discuss our Switch adventures with Octopath Traveler, Hollow Knight and Captain Toad, alongside the impressive RTS stylings of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Then we take a dip in the question bucket and head home on Waypoints.

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20XX also just released on Switch, and I’m loving it.

I’m excited for this Korean shoot 'em up called
Shikhondo- Soul Eater that should be releasing at the end of the month, too.


Rob, may I recommend my favorite, not toad but close enough, frog in uniform.


Can I say I appreciate Danielle sacrificing her vocal chords to give us the spot on Captain Toad impression? Have a chamomile tea Danielle, you’ve earned it.


This is just sort of a general podcast comment, but could yall include the show notes on the website? I listen to this online and you never have the links you mention. I’m so curious about this Omino game, but I can’t even google it because I just get this iphone game.


re: Riverdale , I’m about halfway through season 2 now, my experience hindered and helped by watching at night, often waiting for the effects of sleep medication to kick in.

I asked a question on twitter ( @TheTurnipGod is my handle ), basically wanting to know what exactly appeals to the crew about this show, not meaning to be a dig at all but genuinely wanting to know, I think having more context would make this better for me and I’m curious. One of the many problems with twitter is the potential for misunderstanding…anyway

Also the Red Circle video with the shirtless guys in pink ski masks flexing and the fascist rhetoric, this was the pinnacle of weirdness for me so far and want to know what the fuck was going on there


I was really bummed to hear about Android Netrunner. I continually heard very good things about it (and got very excited about Terminal Directive after reading the story about it on Waypoint), even though I haven’t gotten to play this version at all. (My wife is not much of a tabletop/board/card gamer and I haven’t put the time into making an in-person game habit in my current locale).

I have many happy memories of playing the crap out of the original in high school.

Since I haven’t played the new one at all, I am loathe to go out and scoop up copies of the new stuff before they vanish, but I might take the plunge on Terminal Directive to have to play some rainy string of Sunday afternoons.


I, for one, would listen to Patrick talk about Hollow Knight for two hours. I’m 45-ish hours in and asymptoting towards 100% completion.


“This game is full of moments where you feel the dead hand of the past reaching across the eons to touch you.” - Rob Zacny

The best promotional pull quote any developer could ask for.


Honestly, that’s probably the best Toad impression I’ve ever heard, somehow.


“This is a terrible month to own a Nintendo Switch” - my wallet

There are seriously so many games I want to get right now, and I’m just gonna have to hold off for a few months. Which is fine, because I still haven’t beaten Breath of the Wild, so…


this absolutely convinced me to pick it up


Noah Gervais made a good video review for Deserts of Kharak last year, by the way.


Yah I am in. For the record I am quite fond of the long form podcasts on a single topic the Waypoint staff has put out in the past. It’s really nice to have a good think about a topic even if I haven’t played the game or seen the show. Keep it up.


Oh now I want to play through that campaign again!


I 100% thought the podcast description meant that Homeworld was ported to the Switch.


With Dead Cells coming out next month I’d say that August is automatically going to be a pretty great month as well.


Listening to Austin’s Cyberbrain theory, and I’m with Rob just staring at the wall…