It's A Whole Lotta 'MechWarrior' Talk on Waypoint Radio


Can you tell we work for a site run by Austin Walker?

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holy shit Rob’s story is amazing

oh shiiit “read more”


The school abuse hits home for me so hard. I have a completely bullshit expulsion story…

On the other hand, MECHS! I am looking forward to Battletech so hard. However, Rob is mentioning how it is such a bad tabletop wargame now and I am curious what games he would suggest.


Really glad everyone is high on BattleTech (I also am really enjoying the decisions they’ve made - I’ll defend the MechCommander games more than most but this is really the game we maybe deserved back then). Considering the year we’ve already had for games, if they can land that before Christmas with a good campaign to chain together the combat and add stakes to each encounter then I think 2017 will have another star. What a year!

Austin’s response to the question: wow, that’s a brutal story. Think it’s a common issue though, wanting to bring back to social settings the smartest person in the room position.


So glad to hear that BattleTech is looking good. I never had a chance to play the tabletop game growing up (there wasn’t much of a scene in my small town), but I played MechWarrior 2 and its expansions obsessively. The idea of a game simulating a machine that doesn’t really exist has always been so cool to me. Plus, it didn’t hurt that it looked amazing for the time. Most of my friends were still playing SNES stuff, and I was like, nah, check THIS out!


I still remember coming across BattleTech (the computer game) in the form of Westwood building a (turn-based) RPG and then iterating that into one of the very first real-time strategy games (which they later refined in Dune II and then into Command & Conquer), about the same time as the very first MechWarrior came out of Dynamix (I think it sandwiched the two Westwood games).

The computer games based on BattleTech really hit their stride about five years later with MW2 but it’s a pretty cool history even back at the end of the 1980s.


OHHHH MAN. I just pre-ordered to get beta access. I LOVE MECHS. I had a Battletech game for my 486. It was HARD. More robot-casts plz.


And don’t forget about Mech Assault! The first Xbox Live game for original Xbox.