It's All About Dad Dating Simulators and 'Pyre' on Waypoint Radio

Dads? Check. Daddies? Check. A new game from the developers of 'Bastion' and 'Transistor'? Check.

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I just wanted to drop in a thanks, this WPR episode was really excellent and lifted my spirits.

Keep up the good 'casts.

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I loved Bastion and really liked Transistor, so I am hyped for Pyre. I expect to be fleeing to the Downside to hide from the world for parts of today.

Also, shout-outs to Rob for the great description of the glorious klunkiness of classic Battletech/Mechwarrior.

If Patrick willing to play more VNs (Heck everyone at waypoint) Stain;Gate and Clannad are top picks
Hope you find a good place @Mike_Diver
Looking forward to Pyre with how it plays.

The in-game creator gets it pretty close to custom art.

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Layoffs are harsh, yeah. We just had some at my company following a big acquisition or something and I’m feeling some survivor’s guilt too. No one in development got hit, but a PV person I’d worked with a bunch over the years was. Feels bad, especially since we’ve been working a lot on automated testing recently. I can see why they’d make that decision. It makes sense.

Why is everyone so down on RSS feeds these days? They may not be as relevant as they once were thanks to social media and Google axing Google Reader but I still feel like if you care about getting your news from multiple places it’s the optimum way.

Feedly is about the only way I interact with news sites these days because it let’s me skip past the articles I don’t care about and get to the things I do without having to navigate a site with bad UI design. Some sites even play nice with the built in reader so all I get is the text and article images.

Waypoint for example looks really good on it


I will never hear the word “flashbang” the same way ever again

Another RSS fan here, also using feedly. It does what I want just fine. I kind of wish more sites would put more of the article into the feed, though I completely understand why they want me going to the site to read the article.

Best Battletech experience I’ve had was playing Battletech 3056 MUSE in 1993-1994. They implemented the full tabletop rules in an online MUD type game, running turns continuously. You had to type commands quick ( like HEAD RIGHT, TARGET x, FIRE LRM20, etc.) before the turn resolved in 5 or 10 seconds.
All this was inside a standard MUSH type world, so you had a character that could travel around and interact with other people. This was 3056 so the Clans were in play, but I was a battalion commander for St. Ives. Great fun battling other players.

I feel like Reddit and forums replaced the need for an RSS feed for me. I still get the information I want delivered to me from various outlets, but I curate the topic rather than the source. Although I do kinda miss the RSS days since it’s been brought up.