It's Been 10 Years Since 'Demon's Souls'

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Sorry to necro this thread, but I’m going through old Waypoint souls pods rn and Austin mentions that a new player should start with OG Dark Souls 2 and not Scholar of the First Sin because it’s pretty different. It seems like there’s no way to play the original version of the game on current gen (or X1/PS4 gen), so do I really need to haul out my 360 for this? I already bought SotFS but I guess I could get a used DS2 360 or PS3 disc for cheap, but this all seems like a big pain. Is it worth it?

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I’m by no means an authority on it, but I’d say if you already have SotFS you might as well go for it. I might be in the minority but I preferred it. The biggest differences are with enemy placement and some item placements, so you’ll definitely want to double check what version you’re looking at if you’re looking up something on the wiki for example. Also it comes with the DLC, which is really dang good.

There are certainly reasons to play vanilla over SotFS, but you already have SotFS, so I’d just roll with that.


I think the scholar version is way more flavorful in its enemy placements. I do miss some of the old placements for sure but scholar does some very cool stuff with enemy ai and enemy choices that feel much more evocative of a location than some of the original placements. Og is still great for sure but I wouldnt get hung up too much on which version to play.


In my opinion, OG Dark Souls 2 is the better game. For me, SotFS felt significantly harder, and not always in interesting ways. I played SotFS first on PS4 and came away a little disappointed, and kind of wrote off the game for a long time. Last year I played the original version on PC, and it was a revelation. Without the constant low-level frustration I was able to see all the subtle details and quirks that set it apart from other Souls games. By the end, it was near the top of my Souls game ranking.

But yeah, that’s just my personal experience with it. Unless you’re playing on PC, SotFS is certainly more accessible and probably cheaper too.


I’m no authority on DkSII because I’m one of its dissenters, specifically regarding game feel (and you can’t fix that in a remix), but even so I felt that SotfS made a lot of enemy placement changes that I felt just boiled down to “MORE!”, so much so that it felt even more slap-dash than its original.
If you can play the OG release that’s probably gonna be the way to go.


Thanks for input folks. I ended up calling my local game shop and it turns out they had a PS3 copy for super cheap. Guess SotFS will have to wait!

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