"It's Been Awhile": A Reintroduction

Hi Waypoint Family! I haven’t used this forum in a very long time, but a lot has changed since I’ve last been here. So a reintroduction is in order.

My name is Michael Baginski, and I am a freelance writer, video editor, and audio producer. I’ve been a contributing writer in a voluntary position at GameCritics.com. I’ve recently completed a three-month video editing internship via an esports site known as ESports Revolution based in a production company in Queens, NY. There, I further gained experience in utilizing tools in the Adobe Cloud, including Premiere, Media Encoder, and Photoshop. I’m also experienced in working in a tv studio environment handling Panasonic studio cameras, an audio mixer, a switcher for live editing, production assistance, and hosting on camera. I am also part of a group of freelancers who have volunteered to start a labor group that is tentatively titled “The Freelance Solidarity Project.” Many of its different members come from different media backgrounds, including those who have written for VICE before.

My main source of income is from a part-time gig I’ve been doing at Citi Field in Queens, NY for over 5 years now as a security guard. My ultimate goal is to be employed full time at a media website, as I am currently freelancing to get my name more noticed. Here is an example of some of my work from both GameCritics, and my personal site: Michael Baginski’s Work

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While I appreciate the sentiment, I do have to wonder, if this isn’t better meant for the “Oy, introduce yourself” thread?

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I agree to an extent, but I have previously written there already. I would feel I would be going against the rules for the posting if I did it there again.

I might be off target, it’s just that it sorta comes off as “I deserve a seperare thread” and given the links provided, it has the risk feeling like an advertisement. I don’t think there’s anyone who would hold it against you to post in the other thread again. I guess I’m just working off the baseline that I have never seen an individual introduction thread in the forum before.


Totally valid. Last time I put a posting up, one of the moderators placed it in a more correct label than what I did. I’m going to sit on it for now, just to make sure it’s okay.

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