It's coffee time what do you put in it

  • Black
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Sweetener
  • Other (please specify)

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I need to know because i am mocked for my choice of black w/ 2 sugars and i want to feel vindicated


I get mocked quite a bit for being a weak willed soul who needs a nice milky sweet tea or coffee so I feel ya


No sugar, no nothing. I get mocked for that too


My favorite coffee is really just a reflection of my heart.

Black, ice cold, and endorsed by Tommy Lee Jones.


I go black, more than anything else because I don’t want to keep sugar and cream on hand. Little bit of either is totally acceptable.


I feel like I have enough sugar in my life that I stick with half & half–creaminess is my weakness in most foods anyways…

drifts off thinking of avocados, cheesecake, and eggnog


Nope, black with 2 sugars is the way to go. You are in the right.


I am a Tim Hortons double double person. For you non-Canadians, that’s two sugars and two creams :wink:


Black as midnight on a moonless night



For real coffee, I like it black, but if it’s instant I need a splash of some kind of milk to make it palatable.


We should make a Twin Peaks thread with season 3 so close.


It exists! Get in on it!


Nothing. Ever. Never put anything in coffee ever.


Black, with sugar (amount depends on how much coffee there is, but it’s usually two teaspoons for a large cup).

Coffee with milk actually put me off of drinking coffee for a very long time, because I didn’t really like the taste.


I’ve been known to add the occasional skosh of coffee or tea to my milk


I’m way more of a tea or hot chocolate person, but I take my coffee the same way the rest of my family does – milk and two sugars. I have no idea how this is meant to translate to the coffee you get in Starbucks! It continues to perplex me.




If I really want to enjoy a coffee then in my 24oz cup I’d put about 18oz of coffee, 4 oz of cream (19%MF), 3 teaspoons of sugar and 2oz of Rum (current run of choice is London Dock). Otherwise, replace the cream with homo milk and the rum with more coffee.


I cant have milk so I typically go black with a bit of sugar.