It's EVO 2017, 'Splatoon 2,' and 'Kingdom Hearts' Shade on Waypoint Radio


Tetsuya Nomura, you're on blast.

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Splatoon and Kingdom Hearts you say?.. A Splatoon level in Kingdom Hearts would be amazing*. Imagine how much better Kingdom Hearts would be if it was Final Fantasy/Nintendo instead of FF/Disney (the franchise is already at its best when it keeps the Disney cross-overs to a minimum)! Nevertheless, KH is still fantastic and I will hear no different.

*“Inkling Sora” obviously brings up fanart by the way.


I was hoping for more evo coverage but I’m glad y’all touched on how capcom is fucking everything up


Patrick was spot on about Splatoon being a good entry point into online competitive games – it was just that for me.

It’s low risk. If you’re playing Turf War, as long as you’re flinging ink around you’re contributing and that’s a great feeling.

It also has a lot of depth and can get very competitive in Ranked modes (not for the faint of heart).

I’m excited for the new horde mode in Spla2n.

This is going to be a blast!


Im so happy that as of now at least KHIII still coming to Xbox. That toy story lvl looks so good I cant wait for this game. I grew up playing these game’s one of my first cosplays was a Org 13 member making that coat with the giant F U zipper ahh so good. Those games control like crap now in retrospect and the story got cloudy in BBS and is a mess now with that mobile game being canon but i love them


Can’t believe I have to ban the staff for disrespecting Kingdom Hearts but that’s the way things go sometimes.