It's Gigantic! - a video game with huge monsters as the objective that you need to kill

So Gigantic just hit official release, it’s a Free To Play action moba-ish “Strategic Hero Shooter” out on Xbox One and PC.

It’s doesn’t quite have a rigid Tank, Support, Assassin, etc role system that other games do but each character does have a general title of what they do.

There aren’t towers in the sense that these sorts of games usually have, but you can summon creatures at certain parts of the map that provide various buffs, whether that’s healing, vision, walls, or a couple of others I honestly haven’t seen yet.

It’s got a rotating list of free characters, you can buy heroes with in-game currency or the real money currency. The other options are the $10 starter pack that comes with 8 heroes and various other bonuses or the $30 founders pack that includes all of the heroes.

I’m currently just running with the free characters for now and it’s a decent variety of characters, no supports at the moment though.

Here is a Giant Bomb quicklook to get a better idea of what the game is like


Folks should consider playing this “video” “game”

perhaps as a group or what have you.

My username is Artreus, not sure if the 4 digit number after the name is necessary to adding friends

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Oh, are these characters huge monsters in the world? I guess since I’m only seeing them in relation to each other, I didn’t know.

I think the title of the thread might be a bit misleading so I changed it. I just wanted to make it “It’s Gigantic!” but there’s a 15 character minimum. I’ll include some other screenshots.

The giant creatures are basically the Cores or the main objective each team has to attack in order to win the game.

Each team needs to build up enough points, up to 100, before the other team’s Guardian is vulnerable and can be attacked, before those points are racked up, if you go near it, it will attack you. Fighting the enemy team under their guardian is a bad idea.

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Oh, I see! I didn’t see any of them in the screenshots somehow.

I’ve been editing the original post for added clarity

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Been playing this, it’s belting. Framing the fights as playing support to a kaiju battle is very much My Jam. Wish there were more than 2 though, some different ones for each stage would be awesome. It’s got just enough tactical Competetive RPG stuff that I can actually play pretty well too, which is a rarity.

I have a feeling this is gonna be my main PC multiplayer thing alongside Splatoon on Switch. Absolutely gorgeous, a joy to play and very breezy. This game just ooses class, yo.

I’ve been maining the tin can because it’s familiar and always useful, but I’ve got my eye on either the Starbarian-Lookin’ Gal or the Scottish Stand User Girl for my first actual character purchase.

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I really want to give this a try, but I’ve got to make at least Gold rank in League of Legends this season, and Splatoon 2 just came out… Oof, right in the competitive time holes!

I enjoyed playing this in alpha. I think I might give this a try again.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been playing it after seeing this post. It’s a lot of fun. :smile:

I’d be interested to hear how it has changed.

Someone described the game’s rythem as “Like a series of arm wrestling matches influenced by teamfights” and I just really like that comparison.

And I love it’s tarrot card system, doesn’t have the same immediate and kinda stressful daily login pressure a lot of free to play stuff does, while still being a super good way to motivate the same regular play. Plus the art is gorgeous, like everything else in the game.

It’s super vague and poetic with it’s flavortext too. Lovely little snippets of vague writing with plenty of room for interpritation. A nice, gentle approach to worldbuilding, with less pressure to get completely lost in the lore like Overwatch. Free to just enjoy and interprit what you know. Lovely.