It's Mustard vs. Ketchup vs. Mayo (and 'Destiny 2') on Waypoint Radio

This podcast went to some unexpected places.

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I’m so sad this wasn’t on video, it sounds like it would have been amazing.

Mustard > Mayo > Ketchup.

Mustard is so versatile and comes in so many varieties. A good mustard can’t be topped.

Mayo + Mustard is the ideal. Perfect for sandwiches. Mayo with french fries is sublime.

Ketchup is generic and boring.

Secret best: Combining Mayo and Siracha

Born and raised in Utah here, and checking in to confirm that fry sauce is a thing and it’s good. Why it’s apparently geography-bound, I can’t say.

I loved the elaborate bait-and-switch from ketchup to marxism. Austin is launching idea submarines.

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This is my favorite episode of Waypoint Radio so far. I love a good food argument. Also Marxism discussions!

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A question for the ketchup haters, have you only had very sweet/sugary ones? A good ketchup is not that sugary. I always hate the sweeter ketchups that just taste like sugar tomatoes. But a good ketchup is top notch.

Also I can only verify this with vegan mayo and tofu burgers, but mixing ketchup and mayo is a great burger sauce.



This would be more of a debate if Mayo was not included with Ketchup.

Also, I’m interested to hear how a third party will do in the American political ecosystem. My impression of American politics is that you just get to chose one of two flavours of neoliberalism and neither are good.

Austin is such a hardcore red that he even prefers ketchup, but I have to draw the line there. Yes, there are good and bad ketchups just like good and bad mustards, but on the whole mustard wins no question. That said, any fry is better with curry ketchup.

I’ve never really liked the ketchup/mayo debate because I find them both to be pretty situational; a lot of things I would have mayo on I wouldn’t have ketchup on, and vice-versa.

Mustard is just generally awful and is perhaps the easiest way to ruin any type of food.

Mustard beats ketchup, I have no time for mayonnaise.

But let’s be honest hot sauce is king!

Look, if we’re diverging from the core mustard/ketchup/mayo conflict, I think we can agree that sriracha and fish sauce should go on basically everything.


They’re all bad in excess and good sparingly? Nothing is worse than too much mustard, but I think it livens up a meal the most; I’m a sucker for all things creamy and rich, but too much mayo is just… cloying and slimy; and ketchup tends to just be too damn sweet–if we start getting into unsweetened ketchup, how far are we away from barbecue sauce?

Aioli>BBQ sauce>dijon, teach the controversy

Semper Games, everyone

Are we talking real mustard here or that weaksauce Americans but on hot dogs?

Woah. Let’s not kid ourselves, mustard and to a lesser extent mayo can reach heights that ketchup can’t even aspire to. Ketchup is the least versatile of the three.

Both ketchup and mayo is disgusting, but mustard is quite alright, but honestly–and this might just be a national thing–they’re all beaten out of the ring by relish, hot-dog / hamburger / garlic dressing or caramelized onions.
Ketchup just makes me think of elementary school birthday parties, not actually good food.

Ketchup is truly the condiment of the proletariat


ketchup is fucking good?? It’s hotdogs that are goddamn nasty.

######They’re so nasty holy fuck…

I mean yeah this is the core of it. American hot dogs are just a bad sausage.