It's #NationalHotDogDay in America


Let’s go over the facts

  1. A hot dog is a sandwich
  2. Hot dogs are also mobas
  3. You should not put ketchup on a hot dog
  4. You either buy Nathan’s all-beef franks or you buy an inferior product

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Hotdog with sauerkraut, done!


god bless some sauerkraut and some horseradish on that motherfucker god I want a hot dog right now


Yeah, I’m gonna have to give a hard disagree on that one.


That’s okay I KNEW THIS WAS COMING, I got you fam


pshhhh. You think I’m going to listen to the lobbyists of Big Hot-Dog?

Nah son, this is America. I’m gonna douse my hot-dog in whatever toppings I please.


I am ok with being in the pocket of big-dog


Literally about to eat a burger as I read this. Sorry, America.



Hot dogs are okay

bagel dogs tho