It's October, let's share some good SpOoKy ghost stories


The spookiness component does not have to be for real but I love a good, traditional ghost story. What about y’all? What are some of your favorite ghost stories, authors, or generally uncanny pieces that have haunted you for years.

To start, I love M. R. James but find “Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You My Lad” to be incredibly unnerving in the slow build and how painfully normal it is at first.


To this day I am still haunted by The Red Ribbon from Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark. I am also 100% convinced that that story is single-handedly responsible for the popularity of chokers among kids in the 90s.


Emily Carroll does some of the most unsettling work in comics today, with her best stuff collected in Through the Woods, six short stories that range from the downright grisly to the subtly off. She has a good sampler of her work at – I recommend trying The Hole The Fox Did Make to hear her tremendous ear for the terror of youth grappling with a larger, unkind world.


There was a fire in a shoe store, a hundred soles were burnt.


Her work is so good!!


@futureperf Oh woooooooow. I had actually found out about Emily Carroll a year or two ago and read “Out of Skin” (bothered me for days) but I forgot to bookmark it and had forgotten her name so I thought it was lost to me forever! Thank you!

@BantamSam Believe it or not I actually read “The Red Ribbon” in a joke book that I had as a kid (the name of which escapes me at the moment) and, yeah, it still really freaks me out. Especially since I had been expecting something funny from it at the time.


Here’s one for ya. This probably dates back to 2008 or so.

A friend I went to high school with knew a guy just below his grade named Chris. His mom (let’s call her Cheryl) snapped this photo one night in her room to test out her digital camera. She kept the photo because what seems to be behind her is, well, yeah. See for yourself.

Cheryl claims the entity / woman behind her looks a lot like a woman that went on a skiing trip and took her place on the trip because she had to bail a few days before they planned to go. On the drive back from the trip, they got into a serious car accident and this woman who took her place apparently died in the accident. If you look at what the entity is wearing, you can almost make out the fur hood of a winter coat…

Whoa, ~🎃~spooky~🎃~ picture!


One of my favorite things about Emily’s work is how she fleshes out the comics she makes with great site/HTML design. The Hole The Fox Did Make is fantastic, but look to The 3 Snake Leaves to see this in action.


I have a spooky story that litteally just happened to me. I go cycling early in the morning pretty much every other day. At this time of the year, it’s still pretty dark when I set off and since I live in one of the most rural places in Scotland, the backroads I go on are usually pretty empty. But this morning, on my run a truck came up behind me and followed me along for a bit. There was plenty of space for it to overtake me but it just didn’t. Now it was starting to annoy me so I stopped at the side of the road but the truck just stopped also. So I stood and stared at it (remember it was dark so I couldn’t actually see the driver) after a few minutes the truck drove past me, went up the road a little bit and then stopped again, but this time it angled across the road as if to block it and then turned it’s engine off. So I got off my bike and walked it up the grass verge to get around it. I could see the driver now and he had his window down and was just staring at me. Just as I got level with the cab of the truck car lights flashed around the corner in front of us and I jumped on my bike and cycled off.

So now I have a few questions. I’m a male but it was dark and I had my hood up and I’m pretty short, was the driver trying to see if I was a female and when he saw that I wasn’t decided not to do anything? Was he still going to try something but the car threw him off? Was he never actually going to try something and was just a bellend?


I read these last like a year ago but I really liked these three stories about fall and tech capitalism by Michael Lutz

Also this series about a Search and Rescue officer is from r/nosleep so it verges into tropey semi-corniness periodically, but the way it only hints vaguely at its scariest parts is really good, and I still think about it a lot.


That is so spine chilling.