It's Official: Mario Was Totally Punching Yoshi in 'Super Mario World'

Mario’s cruelty to Yoshi finally confirmed by Nintendo.

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I wonder what other skeletons in the closet Nintendo is hiding regarding their beloved characters :thinking:

Charge Mario for animal abuse!

The box art Riendeau chose as the first picture just makes me think Yoshi is thinking, like, “try me”.

Also this quote? Perfect.

he only came to be because Miyamoto wanted Mario to ride something like a horse

The most unnecessarily violent thing.

I find it weird that it took this revelation for people to be all like “wow, Mario is an asshole due to how he treats Yoshi” and not, like, the whole “I’ll jump off of you, sending you to your death, so I can jump a little farther” gameplay mechanic.


It’s news stories like this that make wish we could post less than the required character limit because I really only have the one thing to say:


The only thing that upset me about Yoshi was that you couldn’t cape spin with him.

Otherwise, he made a pretty great double jump. :+1:

just another reason why super Mario world is worse than super Mario bros 3, unnecessarily cruel marios

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Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, PETA will hear it!

That’s not even close to the cruelest thing Mario does


I have a good friend who rescues abused and neglected horses. She takes weak and wounded animals, nurses them back to health, and gives them active lives where they earn their keep giving trail rides at events all over this end of the state.

When she puts me on the back of one of her horses, I listen to her instructions. You know what her instructions are when it’s time for the horse to move? “Kick the her in the ribs with both heels. If she doesn’t start moving, kick her harder. Hard as you can. I promise you you can’t kick hard enough to hurt her. These animals kick each other all the time, and they kick way harder than you do.”

Yoshi is a God damned dinosaur horse. Lots of things that are fatal to Mario don’t even phase him, and most of the rest of the enemies and hazards just spook him and make him run. Mario punching Yoshi in the back of the head isn’t abuse; it’s probably the only cue he can give that Yoshi will even notice.

So enough with the BS clickbait. Y’all are usually better than this.

Right, except that Yoshi is established as a sentient being able to communicate in English. He became a more independent character as the years went on, but even in Super Mario World he’s leaving clearly written messages that display some modicum of intelligence. So instead of saying, “Dude, lick that shit UP,” Mario feels he could more easily communicate by punching his bud in the back of the head.

Mind you, I’m not angry at this revelation or anything, more amused. The Mario universe is a hodgepodge of nonsensical and weird ideas and dynamics that nonetheless work amazingly in a kind of Gestalt fashion, so this bit seems par for the course.


I hope the Mario/Rabbids crossover has paved the way for Mario to start punching characters from other franchises. Your days are fucking numbered Claptrap

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Isn’t that why they made Smash Bros? In fact, if I recall correctly, the original game’s tagline was “For People Who Didn’t Get Enough From Punching Yoshi. You Know Who You Are.”


If you’re really trying to convince me that entire series is just an elaborate way to satisfy Mario’s insatiable bloodlust through brutal combat with foes from other universes then you’ve absolutely done it, deeply disturbing

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