It's Officially 2019. What Are You Looking Forward To This Year?

It’s been twelve long, long, long, long months. 2018 is finally over, and we have a whole new year of political and social turmoil to anticipate. Every day is an opportunity for new injustices. Every trek around the Sun, every rotation of the Earth contains thousands of crossroads at which many seem to invariably pick the morally reprehensible option. Why?

But like… um, video games are cool? Still?

What are you looking forward to in 2019? Are there any titles that you’re itching to play? Are there any long awaited games you can’t wait to get your hands on? Any games you’re tentatively interested in? Any games yet to be scheduled for release you’re hoping will come out in 2019?

There are always a lot of games upcoming on the horizon, so if you can’t remember them all, or need to browse the future catalog, here’s a Wikipedia page for ya! There’s a lot more, I’m positive, that aren’t listed here, but it’s decent in scope:

And hey, what about things you missed in 2018 you’re looking forward to picking up this year? There’s always so much coming out, it’s hard to keep up!

Although I’m posting this in “Games”, feel free to share any other media you’re excited for! Or hey, even a well-earned vacation or something of that ilk!



It’s 2019! Last year to make those bugout bags before the super deluxe ultra-pocalypse strikes and we all have to scrounge through the nuclear blasted desert while fleeing from the slaving despots of Elon Musk’s caravan of solar powered raidermobiles prowling along the desiccated ruins of Highway 101.

Also ashamedly admits anticipation over The Division 2.


Some games I am really excited about!!!:

Daemon X Machina: Trailer. I want to be a mech master and know all the mech things, but I am yet to be the mech master. This will be a step into the Mech Masterclass so I can become a mech master. It looks tight, also

Indivisible: Trailer. I’ve been anticipating this game since I got a chance to play the demo years ago. The active-turn-based combat felt incredible, and the art and animation are absolutely gorgeous. Lots of really pretty and cool characters that I can’t wait to have huge, horrible crushes on! Im worried there might be problematic stuff underlying, but this is still probably my most anticipated release

Untitled Goose Game: Trailer. A stealth game where you are a mean goose. Games are art

Baba is You: Trailer. Damn, it a sokobon, AND it got words? U got me wrapped around my finger. You can play the prototype for this on itch!

Xenolanguage: Website. Damn, it a story game, AND it got linguistics? I’ve slowly gained a love of story games, and also I have a fascination (though not without trepidation) with the ever questionable Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, so this game is gonna suck me in easily, I’m sure.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: Trailer. Cmon yall U NO im gonna love this. Why bother explaining

Worth mentioning but I’m not sure I will end up picking up/getting into: Code Vein, Babylon’s Fall, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Metro Exodus, YIIK, Bowser’s Inside Story, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, She Dreams Elsewhere, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, Gunhead, Eitr

Some games I hope come out, but it is unknown!!!:

Noita: Trailer. Physics based rogue-like. Heavy on the systems and the brutality. Also, you play as witches. This is the kind of game I can’t stop thinking about

Pepper Grinder: Trailer. Remember Drill Dozer? I don’t, but this is the kind of game that makes me want to be a miner

Skin Deep: Trailer. Brendon Chung is making a game where you pull glass out of your feet like it’s Die Hard and there is an active sneeze reload. Luv it

Disco Elysium: Trailer. Still wish this was called “No Truce with the Furies” but I’m still super intrigued by this games emphasis on storytelling.

Ooblets: Trailer. I just wanna have a warm time in this cwute game!!!


Plenty of games that I’m looking forward to/paying attention to early in the year, even if my brain is already dividing them into camps of “Sekiro” and “Not Sekiro.” Also, quite a few remasters, remakes, or “definitive editions” early on, which I feel like was also kind of a thing at the start of 2018.

I remember liking Tales of Vesperia and then not finishing it because I wanted to leave myself a reason to play what looked to be the superior PS3 version… but then it never came out outside of Japan. The remaster might have some weirdness with the English VO but I was going to play it in Japanese anyways.

Resident Evil 2 seems like a bit more than just a graphical remake, so I’m interested to see what they end up doing to it.

The first two Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel games are getting PS4 ports early in the year with some additions, which is cool because I’ve always heard those games are good but haven’t wanted to plug in my PS3.

Dead or Alive 6 will depend on how it turns out; I’ve always liked the series a bit more casually than other fighting games, but the genre is kinda packed with good games right now so it might be difficult for this one to make an impact for me at full price.

Devil May Cry 5 looks good from what I’ve seen. Kinda out of the loop on that series’ plot but I feel like I’m maybe not too concerned about that?

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice–I have already paid money for this game. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that with Activision publishing it, but… I feel like it’s a relatively safe bet at this point.

Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland. Hey, they’re making their annual Atelier game, and this time they’re invoking the name of maybe their best trilogy… or at least my favorite trilogy.

Those are kinda my games that actually have scheduled release dates up to April. Daemon X Machina, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and (finally) Indivisible don’t have dates but they all feel like pretty safe bets to make 2019. I imagine Code Vein will also finally make it out, though I have my concerns at this point. Hopefully they can do what Nioh did after its bumpy development/early reception.

Speaking of bumpy development, I had thought that 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim was definitely dead, but apparently it recently got rated in Korea. Problem is that it’s a Vanillaware game, so it’s almost certainly under the gun of some recent Sony policies that I could see that being the final nail in the coffin, along with what I can only assume have been many other nails since it got announced.

I dunno if I want to play Dreams, but I think I want to watch other people play it?

Not sure how much of a chance these have for 2019, but I’d be happy to see any of Doom Eternal, Granblue Fantasy Versus, and Granblue Fantasy Relink make it out.


There’s no good reason for why I shouldn’t have played the previous parts by now (beyond my own stubbornness) but I’m very excited for the final act of Kentucky Route Zero to come out in 2019. The little snippets that I’ve seen of the previous episodes have left me incredibly interested in seeing it for myself. It sounds like Cardboard Computer are very close to finishing Act V, which makes me excited.

I’m also very interested in messing around with the tools in Media Molecule’s Dreams. I was a big fan of the LittleBigPlanet series and I’ve had my eye on their new project since it was announced back in 2015. I also got a PSVR headset over the break and I’m excited at the possibilities of creating/sculpting things in the game while in VR. Some of their remarks around the nature of exporting (or monetising) your creations are a little suspect but nevertheless I’m eager for the game to be out in the wild so I can see what everyone does with it.


haha this time last year it was -16F and right now it’s 42F interesting new climate you got there 2019

Co-signing on being excited for Kentucky Route Zero releasing Act V—I’ve been playing each act and interlude as they come out and I’ve only gotten more impressed with Cardboard Computer’s work over time, so I cannot wait to see what they’ve got in store for V. If Un Pueblo De Nada is any indication, this act is going some really interesting places.

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I think there is a chance of Death Stranding dropping next year, and that is the number one of course. Otherwise there isn’t that much I’m finding interesting right now (even if RE2 looks sick), so hopefully it can be a year of playing some old stuff more.

Edit: Actually, I forgot, the big one is Animal Crossing. I don’t even have a Switch but I’m going to be forced to buy on for AC, just like I did with 3ds and New Leaf.


Weirdly enough, I think I’m mostly looking forward to expansions that’ll come out this year.

Destiny 2’s next big one has me excited for silly lore reasons. I was initially bummed at the Forsaken announcement since it sounded like it was just a detour from the end of the base campaign (and it sorta was, albeit a really good one), but there have been more than a couple indications that the next significant addition to D2 is going to be the payoff for that stinger. e.g. Mara going all “I’m preparing for a war” and “check out these pyramid holograms” in her ready room once a week for the past several months; the last content drop of year 2 being titled “Penumbra”, which signifies the beginning of ‘Darkness’. Basically, I’m convinced that whatever those things the Traveler woke up in deep space will finally arrive and I cannot wait to see everything that’s going to happen with that.

Then there’s also Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which sounds like it’s going to be a lot of new stuff in MHW. And, honestly, that’s all I want from that game. If, however, one of the new monsters is Lagombi, I’m not sure what I’ll do. I don’t think I’d have it in me to hunt a giant killer bunny.

And I guess I’ll also echo everyone’s favorite late-capitalism stage play that’s also a video game: Kentucky Route Zero. Even though I only hopped onto the Zero at Act III, following this game has been a journey. From downloading a game faster than I ever had before with Act IV’s sudden release, to watching WEVP-TV streams in the run-up to Un Pueblo de Nada, to discovering bizarre, fake social media accounts seemingly created for the sole purpose of talking about how much they love the works of The Entertainment’s in-game playwright. If Act V comes out this year – and it seeeeeems like it will – I’ll be taking a day the week of release to play through everything that’s come before, being happy that one of my all-time favorite games is finally complete.


I honestly don’t know, but that’s probably my winter depression talking.

I’m interested to see how the Untitled Goose Game reviews when it comes out - every preview seems to have been very positive - but I’m not sure I’m interested in playing it myself.

I’m tentatively interested in Super Meat Boy Forever, given that SMB is basically the only modern platformer I’ve played that I’ve actually enjoyed (maybe also N++). On the other hand: I’m a little skeptical at how well the procedural “adaptive” level generation will work with the design, given how much SMB depended on precise construction.

I’m definitely interested in seeing how Phoenix Point turns out - however, I’ve played one or two of the betas, and I think there’s a lot of fine-tuning and “user-interface feedback” to do before all the aspects work together. But given I’ve liked every other Gollop production…

I also am a Kickstarter backer of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, but I’m not precisely looking forward to it - I backed it because the world needs more games from Iga, not because I particularly enjoy Metroidvania games.


Every year means a new chance that Paper Mario: TTYD comes out again.


Almost all of the things I’m looking forward to only have vague ‘2019’ release windows so I’m going to go ahead and assume at least half of them will be delayed in to next year, because that just seems to be how video games work nowadays.

God Eater 3 has an actual release date though! So hopefully in February I’ll be able to crank the Anime up to 11 and slay some demons to jrock.

Speaking of God Eater, that developer is also making Code Vein which is supposed to be out this year. Anime vampire dark souls? Hey yeah sure why not, sign me up.

Left Alive looks like Square Enix is trying to make a Metal Gear game and I’m extremely interested in what that ends up looking like. I figure the game has like a 40% chance of actually being good but I still really want to see them try.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is one of the few Final Fantasy games I’ve never played so I’m looking forward to finally being able to play that when the Remastered version comes out.

Judgement is the new game from the Yakuza devs and is already out in Japan so should hopefully be out in the next few months. It may not have Kiryu or Majima (probably) but I’m still very excited for it.

EXODEMON and Behind Stars & Under Hills are two indie games that I’m very excited for. EXODEMON seems to slot into that “old school style shooter with cool aesthetic” that isn’t too uncommon but it’s the first one that has really interested me for some reason. Behind Stars & Under Hills is an animal-people detective game from a developer that I really like so I’m pretty much on board for whatever they do.

And as a few other people have mentioned, Kentucky Route Zero Act V is supposed to be out this year so it’d be nice to finally be able to finish that up. Untitled Goose Game looks cool and silly and goofy. I’m somewhat interested in the Resident Evil 2 Remake/Remaster(?) because if it does well then maybe they’ll remake/master Resident Evil 3 as well and I’d really like to see a modern re-imagining of that one since it’s probably my favorite of the first three RE games?

Oh and this last one isn’t a video game but it is a 2019 thing, but there’s a Battle Angel Alita live-action movie adaptation that’s coming out in February that I’m expecting to be mediocre at best but I super love that manga so I’ll go watch it anyway.


in games?

I really hope Deamon X Machina turns out great.

Untitled Goose Game looks like an absolute delight.

Also really looking forward to the conclusion of Kentucky Route Zero, which is apparently coming out this year. I’m overdue for a replay of EP 1-4, as well.

Is that new Final Fantasy 14 expansion slated for 2019? I’m excited for Blue Mages! I also really need to get back in and finish the Stormblood content.

I hope Animal Crossing on Switch is a 2019 game because I high key need that in my life right now.

Outside of games: right now I’m just excited that come March I’ll be able to watch Kimagure Orange Road in a legal fashion.

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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale 2



FF14 expac is really the thing im looking forward to

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Jon Shafer’s At the Gates is supposed to be released later this month. I usually like the idea of Civ and 4X games more than I end up liking them in practice, but the painterly watercolor style of this game has completely won me over.



the outer worlds…

it’s obsidian plus space. i’m weak to either of those things in isolation, and the last time they both came together, kotor ii - still possibly my favourite game, and forever one of my most formative gaming experiences - was the result.

i’m in for the basic experience of it all - skill checks, huge sprawling dialogue trees, masses of possible quest resolutions, getting to know all the folks who hang out on the spaceship, have i mentioned skill checks - and i’m also genuinely super curious about what the game’s gonna end up being, well, about.

some of the dialogue in that 14 minute gameplay video they put out, plus the basic premise, sets up the possibility that the game’ll at least try to address some interesting stuff. you’re on the frontier of space, but instead of the cushy “we work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity; also here’s our prime ‘let’s try not to be colonialist dickbags’ directive; also there’s no money” Federation, the government seems to be made up pretty much entirely of unfettered corporations who, amongst other things, will fine you ‘ten thousand bits’ for ‘Obstruction of commerce’.

i dunno where all that’s gonna end up going, but with obsidian’s track record in mind - good and bad - i have little doubt that it’s gonna at least go somewhere.

there’s other stuff that’s gotten my attention - daemon x machina (shoji kawamori!!!) and remedy’s control come to mind - buuuut… yeah, my head’s already living in the outer worlds.


Devil May Cry V baybee. The game I thought was never happening. The game I thought that if it did somehow happen would be nothing like what I wanted from it. It’s here, and it’s going even harder than I wished for in my wildest dreams. And boy do I have an absolutely baffling statement to express my feelings on it.

Devil May Cry V looks like the Sonic 06 of the Devil May Cry series, and that makes me incredibly excited.

It’s 3AM, I will not elaborate.

Also Code Vein, a game I cannot possibly dislike. I know my tastes enough to know that it could be an absolute mess and I’d love it to bits. I love God Eater a lot, and I’m excited for God Eater 3, but Vein is just extremely My Shit.

And you know what, all those Final Fantasy games are coming to switch, and I can 100% see myself picking them all up if they’re reasonably priced. Thanks to World of Final Fantasy unexpectedly rocking my world (which I wrote about here), I’ve a real drive to get into the series right now.

And Dragon Quest Builders 2 could be exactly the same as the first and I’d still pour my life away to it. That first game is such a joy, I can’t wait for more.


Serious answer: Gears 5

The single player of Gears of War is usually at least pretty damn good and it’s still a great co-op experience. Gears 5 seems like its jettisoning the weaker parts of Gears of War 4’s story and Kait was the best new character and now the protagonist. Hell yeah, I’m hyped.


Y’all isn’t Animal Crossing supposed to come out this year??


Mhm!!! Might be the first time I play an Animal Crossing game?

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