It's Officially 2020. What are you looking forward to?

What are you looking forward to in 2020? Are there any titles that you’re itching to play? Are there any long awaited games you can’t wait to get your hands on? Any games you’re tentatively interested in? Any games yet to be scheduled for release you’re hoping will come out in 2020?

There are always a lot of games upcoming on the horizon, so if you can’t remember them all, or need to browse the future catalog, here’s a Wikipedia page for ya! There’s a lot more, I’m positive, that aren’t listed here, but it’s decent in scope:

Courtesy of @Devour, here’s a list, too, a long with a playlist of trailers!

And hey, what about things you missed in 2019 you’re looking forward to picking up this year? There’s always so much coming out, it’s hard to keep up!

Although I’m posting this in “Games”, feel free to share any other media you’re excited for! Or hey, even a well-earned vacation or something of that ilk!



Star Wars Celebration

There’s a lot of big talk around a project called Project Luminous which is supposed to take place in an era of the Galaxy known as the High Republic Era, 400 years before the Galactic Civil War.

Even though I like a lot of what Disney has done with Star Wars, I too am of the mind that the further they can get away from the Skywalker saga the better. There’s just too much baggage there.

This a good video about the rumors:

So, there’s supposedly going to be a bunch of video games in the works set during this era. I am HYPE for new Star Wars, whatever it is. I also want to see if the Doctor Aphra series rumors are true, and if Filoni’s new animated project is starting soon.


For games, I actually already made a list of em!

Even made a youtube playlist for trailers:


There were a few games I missed…

If I had to pick anything though, it would just be the 1-2 punch of March 20th: Animal Crossing New Horizons and Doom Eternal.

Other than that, I am looking forward to finally being employed again. I just know this year is going to be when I finally can make use of my degree.

The two juggernauts of February and March that make all other games run away to later months in fear, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[Cl-r] and Animal Crossing New Horizons.

I’m excited to make the chuunis fight at night and also to make friends and enemies with animals.


The video games I’m mostly looking forward to are definitely Psychonauts 2 and Doom Eternal. A game with great variety in environment and enemy design, fun abilities and humor that actually works! And Psychonauts 2! :wink:

Despite sometimes deeply sighing at it I’m still really into The Dresden Files, and the next book, Peace Talks, is going to come out this July!

Oh, I almost forgot that The Mandalorian season 2 is also supposed to come out this year, so there’s that, too!

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Really the big things for me are Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal. I barely know what else is happening this year without going and looking at a list. But I am really excited for those two things.


I might not purchase either this year, but I’m still excited about the impending release of the PS5 and XSX. New console years are opportunities to reset the board, for the next chapter in gaming history to be written. They might be the best thing since the NES released, they might be a complete flop, but what they definitely are is unpredictable. I can’t wait to see where the console wars go.


Don’t know about others but personally I am very picky gamer and most games I would just leave after five minutes even though theyre mainstream and hits/bestsellers. However theres one game that I must play and its AOE4. I love rivalry and this competetive multiplayer rts will provide it (I think). I also like strategy and medieval concepts.

Hey, this list/playlist is great! Mind if I add it to the OP?

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Kentucky Route Zero is a completed thing as of tomorrow, and I’m so incredibly excited to spend all of tomorrow night going through that whole game again.

Nihon Falcom finally announced a PC port for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III due in a couple months, which I’m also looking forward to. Those games manage to be very anime (in some good and not-so-good ways), yet manage to be smart about how to use the aesthetic’s tropes to its narrative benefit more often than not. (Plus I have close to 150 hours in half of a sub-series within a larger, overarching franchise, so I’m passed the point of recognizing any sunk cost fallacy being anything that can deter me from playing even more Trails).

Nioh 2 is also a thing. Granted, like with the last game, there’s no news of a PC port any time soon, but I’m still getting excited to jump back into Shinto Mythology Dark Souls with stances again! (Maybe I should actually try to play the first game’s DLC again? Ehhhhh…I have limits)

The year already started with two of my most anticipated games, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and those haven’t disappointed so far!

And of course, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pokemon Sw/Sh DLC, and an excuse to finally get back to Fire Emblem: Three Houses with its upcoming story DLC all have me hyped for this year in Switch.


For me, 2020 is absolutely the year of New Console Generation Hype!

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In spite of that awful Devolver “press conference”, Carrion looked pretty fun



I know this series didn’t leave anybody on the Waypoint Staff all that happy, but I’ve waited well over a decade now for Evangelion 3.0+1.0, the conclusion to the Rebuild series. It is my event of the year. I hope it’s insane.


I was going to start this post off with excitement for Hylics 2 but apparently that was announced for Summer of last year and I couldn’t find any updates from the developer since then. So I guess it’s just fingers crossed that it comes out this year!

Suits: Absolute Power, a sequel to Suits: A Business RPG is coming out in February! Suits is a very cool and stylish little rpg that I liked quite a lot. I’ve been meaning to replay the first game and a sequel coming out seems like as good a reason as any to finally do that.

Hollowknight Silksong.

Edit: also a ton of books, Harrow the Ninth, Network Effect, The Worst of All Possible Worlds, A Desolation Called Peace. Those are all slated for 2020 and I’m excited for them.


I’ve been watching Mushi-Shi over the past few months, and I still can’t get over the fact that the guy who directed that will be doing the same for Uzumaki.


This sorta counts, since it’s been in Early Access, but I’m excited for Hades to be fully released so everyone plays it. I got it fairly recently and have been having a ball. It’s close to done now I think but was initially worried about getting it in Early Access because like, Supergiant’s got great art and narrative and that feels like what comes later in an EA title. But it’s all there, a codex, voice acting for a big cast, beautiful art. And it plays suuuper well.


Looking forward to Amplitude’s take on Civilization.


Eventually, the sun will burn out.

Gaming-wise, there’s nothing I’m really waiting with bated breath for. Maybe Doom Eternal? I’m kind of glad, actually, because there are a lot of great 2019 games I need to catch up on. So I guess that’s what I’m looking forward to: catching up on all the great games I didn’t play last year.

Actually, scratch that, I’m definitely looking forward to MSFS2020. Though I have to say my true white whale flight sim is a spiritual successor to Strike Commander and the Jane’s series. It’ll never happen, the whole flight sim genre has been thoroughly divided between pure arcade Ace Combat-style shmups and DCS-like study sims, and there just aren’t enough fans on either side of that divide willing to meet in the middle, but I’m gonna keep complaining about the lack of good survey sims anyway.