It's Spider-Hyphen-Man Homecoming, Not Spider Man Homecoming


Spider-Man: Homecoming! It’s a Spider-Man movie! It’s made by Marvel! By all accounts, it’s a really good Spider-Man movie! Maybe we should have a thread to talk about it?


Give me 12 hours, I’m in!

I have high hopes for this one, since I loved the Raimi series and was so bitterly let down by the ASM reboots.


This was a good Spider-Man movie! Tom Holland was good, Michael Keaton was good, and (to further perpetuate the film’s favorite running joke) Marisa Tomei is extremely attractive, especially when compared to traditional depictions of May Parker.

It was nice to see Bill Haverchuck join Lindsay Weir in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Vulture is the best utilized, most developed MCU villain that isn’t Loki, which is wild.

The reveal that Zendaya is playing MJ is the most underwhelming reveal since we discovered that Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek: Into Darkness spoiler?) was actually Khan.


i loved it! it was basically a teen comedy with superheroes which is what a spider-man film should always always be, he felt like a kid for once and that felt integral to the stakes of the film? like his teen-ness was used as narrative grounding rather than just background dress. i wish it had been the miles morales film the script wants it to be and it deserves to be but alas, the mcu.


my biggest fear going into it was that the trailers had basically laid out the whole plot. which wasn’t exactly untrue, but there were still some fun twists along the way and I found myself enjoying the ride.


^ I was worried about this too. That one trailer in particular that showed the different costumes pissed me off for its level of specificity. That said, it’s funny that there were too main trailer shots that were never put in the movie: Vulture descending in an atrium and Spidey and Iron Man cruising through Queens.

The one truly great plot turn, Adrian Toomes opening the door for Peter on Homecoming night, absolutely took the breath out of my theater. Not that you couldn’t see it coming, but that it hits Peter so hard and Holland sells it well. That and the car ride were two heights of the movie, where it achieved that Buffy-type perfection of merging high school-related issue anxiety with the genre plot.

Still rolling it around in my head, but I loved it thoroughly.


Eh, I disagree. Parker graduated high school in issue 28. I don’t know why we are so hung up on keeping him as a high-school student forever when the comics moved on from that in 1965. I just hope they let this Parker grow up more. Or kill him off and bring on some Miles. I’m fine with either.


I don’t have a source but someone on reddit said the Iron man spidey scene was just for the trailer and to draw attention to the movie and was never a scene in the movie

I realized the plot turn as the door was opening and i was blown away


Stray thought: Not enough people are talking about Karen. Karen is extremely good.


I just came back from seeing Spider-Man Homecoming and I thought it was really good. Given that I went to see the (in my view) utterly dreadful Amazing Spider-Man 2 in cinemas, I was really hesitant to jump in until this thread gave me the green light.

I really enjoyed this film, both for clever utilisation of the broader universe (the Captain America training videos were amazing, as was the post-credits scene joke). I haven’t kept a close eye on the MCU, so I’m a little bit lost as to who Toomes/Vulture was talking to in the mid-credits sequence?

I’m glad I was able to visit New York last year, as it really did give the film a lot more punch than it might have otherwise. Two moments in particular stood out: oh shit I’ve been on that ferry, I know this layout and not Coney Island!


In the mid-credits sequence, Toomes is talking to the “buyer” character who was busted in the ferry deal. (His staging of that scene is kind of blink-and-you-missed-it.) He’s not really part of the extended MCU, just a regular criminal who’ll likely go on to become Spidey rogue The Scorpion.


Karen is extremely good although I’m a bit conflicted as the purist in me wishes wishes they would get away from all the iron man gadget stuff. even though I like the suit. maybe they solve some of that by having Peter never really learn how to use half of the stuff.

and before everyone hits me with all sorts of footnotes and issue numbers, when I say I’m a purist I mean a purist who has technically never read a Spider-Man comic, so really I’m just beholden to a platonic ideal of Spider-Man who I’ve built up through cultural osmosis.


They actually got me with all of the major reveals: [spoiler]the identity of the Vulture and Mary Jane.

And on both counts, cause both Liz and MJ weren’t white so, idk, my mind just did not consider either possibility at all.[/spoiler]


Vulture totally caught me off guard. I’m biracial myself, so it was kind of cool seeing that aspect of me being used as a plot point of all things, and it made him showing up during that prom equal parts hilarious and intimidating.


I’m with you on this. I was hoping for a little more suit lesson clarity, perhaps in the idea that he doesn’t need all the gadgets to be Spider-Man and that they cause more trouble than they’re worth. In his heart Spider-Man has always been someone who figured his own things out, made his own web fluid and costume, and learned from his mistakes. But in the end he happily takes back the suit, gadgets and all. Maybe there’s a happy medium in there somewhere?

Also, the inclusion of Karen - who’s great and funny! - kind muddies the back-and-forth between Spidey and the villains. I found the ferry scene especially to be a bit incomprehensible in terms of who was talking to whom.