It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


Date night with bae


My dog “Buddy”

He is a 4 years old Husky Rottweiler Mix


My two Lionhead Rabbits, Thelma and Louise. Love em to bits.


/Blessed image/


This is my kitty Bane. She’s a sassy but super fluffy. The most ridiculous thing about her is she likes to be scratched so hard she falls down.


Here’s my cat with some gourds

Here’s my other cat keepin me company when I was sick!


good lord they’re so fluffy, i can’t cope


Why do I have to be allergic to cats and dogs? :weary: I’d love to have a cat!


We have three cats, and here are those three cats:


I normally just lurk around here but cannot pass up the chance to show of my little guys.

First I present to you, weighing in at a full grown 7lbs, the sassiest little kitten around ALICE!

Next up we have The Defective Man himself: Deaf, half-blind, epileptic, bad digestion, and kind of a runt of a great dane KANJI!


You good?


It’s rude to pick favourites, but your ginge especially is a beauty!


Meet Remi and Ruger, our two puppies. Remi is the small white one and Ruger is the also small but bigger than Remi caramel one. I have tons of pics of them but I’ll try not to post too many. I also have pictures of my good dog Bullet who passed around my birthday and Ruger’s baby pictures if anyone wants me to post those.


Say hello To Lilly


Good news - out of the three, he’s the one who would be ok with your picking favourites (as long as it was him.)


This is my Jack Russell Terrier, Cooper. He’s kind of a butthead sometimes, but I love him anyway.


my kitty Salem, he’s not amused with his hat


This is my cat Yuki. She’s my favorite. Even if she’s a menace when she’s awake.


Here is Pedro channeling how i felt this morning


It’s my cat’s fourth birthday. She’s pretty bitching.