It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


Oh geeze I forgot, I got a new dog!

His name is Buddy and he is 7 months old and he is adorable and a handful.


I have three dogs and a cat.




& Jack (snuggling with Waffle. They’re best buds):


I have no pet but I love sharks. I can watch for hours as they swim in this Steinhart Aquarium, . The streaming video of the Shark Lagoon shows the daily life of a variety of species that live in this marina, some of which are in danger of becoming extinct. Incredible view, don’t you think?


So these are actually my parent’s cats but whatever. Cats!

This is Nýchta. He gets freaked out a lot.

But he and I also like to scheme.

This is Bagels.

He’s living his best life.


Cute cats! I dig Bagels


This is my dog Tattoo (Black one) with his best friend Trixie (Yellow one).
6 years ago, I found Tattoo on death row. The shelter where he was staying was about to put him down. He was from a very neglected situation, and he barked and whined and fought with the other dogs constantly. He’d been staying with a foster home, but they were leaving the country. The shelter couldn’t keep him, and he was gonna be put down in three days when I walked in the door and asked to see Tattoo.
I was a college student at the time, and I was also working so I was rarely home. My house had just been robbed, and my landlady said I could get a dog to help deter burglars. I was looking for a dog who was comfortable being alone, liked exercise (I hiked a lot) and would bark at strangers. He was all three, and we’ve been homies ever since.
Tattoo is pretty beat up looking. He’s got one eye, pieces missing from an ear, a crooked tail, scars around his neck, and almost no teeth. But he’s actually very healthy, even as he’s gotten older, and he’s smart as a whip. The longer I had him the more relaxed he got, and he seemed to leave behind some of his old fears. Still, he was always stand-offish towards other animals, and I’d just accepted that he couldn’t really play with other dogs.
Last year my parents got a puppy named Trixie, and she and Tattoo got to know each other when she was little. Tattoo seemed to feel comfortable with a smaller dog, and as she grew up they learned how to play together. Now they can run around in the bark yard, chase tennis balls, and wrestle without Tattoo getting too aggressive. I just love watching him have a friend for the first time.

Tattoo’s first day at home, 2012


Waffles and Wendy (my two sweet little bbs) say hi!



This is Chubbs. He’s new.




Maggie in the foreground; Sammie and Ash cuddling in the background


My little dude named Hunter. :heart_eyes::cat:


I’m glad this thread rolled back around because since the last time I posted I rescued this adorable stray named Karma

She also has a wild side


Everybody’s cats are beautiful, even this one who appears to be doing acrobatics?!


Wish I had a better camera on hand


my dude is living his best life, shame that someone dumped him on my farm 4 months ago, they missed out on one of the best doggos ever, look at that face.


Yeah, she’s smarter and more dexterous than any cat I’ve ever been around. It adds up to quite an interesting personality.



Bumping this thread because the world is an awful place right now and I need to see some more of your cute animals.


Here you go! This is Quinn!


The dog squad trying to pose for a family photo. From smallest to largest they are Maddie, Truman, and Mya.