It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


hey losers my pet bird has a twitter account, check it out,, he’s so beautiful and i love him, sorry for calling you losers xxxxxxxx


a thread? about animals? oh he’ll yeah!! 11!!1!

this is Tessa! my parents yellow lab/golden retriever, she’s a big brute that’s convinced she’s a lap dog, and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

this is Kaci! my parents border collie/blue heeler mix. she will be your best friend so long as you’re currently holding a tennis ball (and yes I was holding a tennis ball behind the camera).


I probably have already posted these before on this forum. But what they hey.

I give you Darcy (having a nice day in the garden)

And Moby (I was eating a sandwich)


I’m just going to leave this here… :smiley:

Picture source: - the marketplace for pet portraits