It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


Story time! So we had a puppy we were finding a home for because it would be irresponsible to have All Of The Dogs, and while she was with us, there was this giant stuffed bear that she loved:

From the first day she arrived she would sleep on it, and seeing as none of our dogs really cared about it, when we found her a family we sent the bear with her.

The pictures we’ve received from them since confirm that it was the right decision.


That’s too adorable!



too sp00ky, pls delete


This is Bandit, he loves board games:


Clue the labridoodle puppy


Killer is the name of my orange cat, and Dave is the name of my black cat. Enjoy.




here’s an old picture of kiko chilling in a laptop bag. guy was born in 1999 and he’s still doing fine


Aaaaah! That is awesome! I’m glad she has a good home and the cutest bear!


My two sweet babygirls.




here he comes @cloversealife it’s our favorite snow goblin, Akira



hello, hi, yes, have you ever seen a cat with thumbs?

this is astra!!!

i love all these animals ;_;


here are my dad’s dogs that i just met today. they’re named nala and niketa


This is Ozzy, our 11 mo old golden retriever


This is Ori, the derpiest blep that ever flooped.

Sorry for stealing your cat’s name, @danielle


Posting my roommate’s pets because they are also my roommates. Cowboy and Ladybug (who is a total doppelgänger for Kate Welch’s new dog).


Meet Lenny, who lives in the apartment downstairs.

But what kind of man would I be not to show you back-in-October Lenny.


Zoe, probably begging for something