It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


my cat thinks your cat has very good fashion sense




i have two cats, their names are diablo cody and maximillian. we chill together


Here are my beautiful babies:

This gorgeous monster is Bragi (the tummy is not a trap, he loves rubbins!):

And my cute baby girl Bastet:


This is my dog Sissy. You can see more at @sissywoofer on twitter! She’s a Lab/Pit mix we rescued in January 2015 and she’s an angel.


The orange cat is Crush and the gray cat is Temba and they’re both the #1 cat in the house


It’s one of the rare shots of my cats getting along. I’m sure it didn’t last more than a few minutes before one of them started swiping at the other and they both took off.


Tortoiseshell in the back is Aurora (3yrs), the little demon in the front is Apollo (7mths).

Aurora is super laid back, snuggly and loves to eat. Apollo is a tiny hell-beast who has been know to swipe food off of our plates when we’re not looking and try to drag it back to his “house” on the cat-tree.

I post plenty of these little furballs on my Instagram.


this is my tiny cat, Nike, who is basically always asleep on me


his is my cat, pacha!! i also have a hamster named biscotti

editing in biscotti my good boy:


Oh such s good derp. I will tell our bulldoggo to up her derping game.


This is Winslow, the bread thief.



I LOVE THIS PRINCESS BABY!!! She is one of my favorite things to see on twitter.


These are Korben (fluffy idiot) and Zevo (fuzzy idiot)

Also, as a bonus, my parents’ cardigan corgi, Gemma:

They’re all very good. Mostly. I mean, the cats are kinda dicks sometimes, but they’re cats, what do you expect?


This is my sweet little kitty, her name is Ash. :smile_cat:



The grey one is Rumble and he’s half-blind, the brown one is Ekko and she has three legs. If you guys call them good dogs I’ll make sure to let them know.


Starting to think your cat and my cat are distant cousins.


I don’t have a pet right now but I used to live in a house owned by a turtle named Gertrude.