It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


Meet Monty! He’s a loveable grump of a corgi at the ripe old age of 13 this year!


Scrolling through and I totally thought this was Sinky. It’s uncanny. That is one cute little sweetie.

EDIT for more pet pic content:

She’s gaming!


Here’s our little rascal called Nacho. Adopted him from an animal shelter in Spain three years ago when he was six months old. Sunshine and whirlwind all in one fluffy package :smile:


Rumble the wonder dog. (He’s half lab/half aussie shepherd.)


Here is my cat, Poisson, staring majestically into the distance:


Your cat too? Why do cats go after bread? Is it because we feed them fancy grain-free food?


My good good doggo Vinnie

He had just gotten back from boarding and had a couple of play groups so was very sleepy


H*ckin’ fine selection of fur pals ITT :+1:


Bless this thread.


@Veldrin agreed, tho how do you feel about some of our non-fur pals (the beardie is Trooper, and the snake is Beemo):


Behold my prince with a hero’s heart



Aw yiss.

I lived rural when I was a kid, so I grew up around heaps of beardies and snakes. Beautiful critters.


Here are my two boys!


This is Hugo and Atticus. Hugo is a big precious ball of fluff who is easily scared but likes a cuddle, Atticus is never the right way up and stands on my face at 6am every morning.


I should be clear, though, that Trooper isn’t a pet. He actually owns the house.


here are my good boys


A very good thread! Here’s my good and terrible son Waffles!


Not a picture but I love the internet because it allows me to look at and appreciate kitties without having to actually be near them because I’m very very allergic.


Here’s Scout, she’s very kind and neurotic