It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


She agrees, trust me!!


I APPRECIATE THIS THREAD <3 here’s a pic of mr. butt sniffin’ pug himself, my good boy SAMMY

it’s also the best pic from our wedding lol





here is my dumb baby


My sweet little turd Boy Schroeder


This is my beautiful lazy boy, Raz.
Yes, I named him after the main character in Psychonauts.


Here are my perfect stink-goblins, Kate and Pippa, on their favorite blanket:

(I didn’t name them. Boo monarchy)


i have… Too Many. highlight reel tho

my dog in a cat’s body, Elby

one of my crested geckos, Doofus

and my favorite but sadly recently deceased madagascar hisser, Billie

this is a Small sampler of the critters ive got and if that doesnt say a lot about my life Lmao


Oh, holy cow, that feeding platform in the crestie’s enclosure is sweet, where did you get it? Is it custom? I’ve been using a big log with a flat top and a milk jug cap, and it’s not ideal when my crestie gets a little jumpy and knocks it over.


i just got it off amazon!! its made by pangea, it’s easy to clean and its just held up by magnets so its super convenient, the only trouble is that the cups get knocked out super easily if you’ve got a messy eater (which is basically all cresties). i got the small version, which is plenty big for an adult crestie


Comet, Cosmo and Jasper.
I think my asthma and OCD are getting worse so living with our cats (i.e. when I’m not at University) is becoming more difficult. They are adorable despite their problems though.


These are my two pups who I had to leave at home when I moved out a few months ago :,) I miss them to death


This is Olive. She’s back home, halfway across the country :frowning2:



dang everyone has awesome pets. This is swarley, we had to childproof the fridge because she kept opening it and eating everything.


everyone ITT seems to have very chill cats. good job all around every one, we did it.


My cat Taz bored.


Our 2 Yorkies,


and Wookiee

and our dearly departed Pez and Axle


I have so many hundreds of pictures of my cats in my phone.

Uploading… Uploading…

Top is nibbles, bottom is fitz