It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


Potato Quality, but my phone is acting up. My dog Lucy.


Okay, this is third and last cat, Phoebe. (But also fitz in the background)


This is my dog. An accurate picture to describe his normal behavior, he is a goof and is the best.


Our furbabies:

Aiko - shorthaired chihuahua with no sense of personal space. If there’s a lap, it’s her’s. (Even if it’s occupied with a laptop or another baby)

Roxy - Pomchi! She’s so well mannered and ready to pose on the sight of a camera. :slight_smile: Once there’s cats or other people involved though… the borkborkbork alarm goes off for minutes!

Finally, our two babies that went though that rainbow bridge:

Chauncey - The best Pomeranian prince one can ever ask for. He had a personality that would fill the room, and always know when to be by your side when you had a rough day.

Misty Kitty - The Queen of the castle. She was a stern but fair ruler of the house. Made sure that everything was on in it’s place (on the floor). She would command for attention when wanted, but never was too fussy to see and inspect visitors to the house.


Allow me to introduce you to my erudite and cultured Golden doodle Mark Scruffalo.


Please say hello to Yoshi who is an idiot and who has just been sick - I’ve just cleaned up vomit before posting this.

This is him in his usual habitat. He’s 4 and is both the best and worst cat on the planet.


Here is my Aussie Jax! I love this big 'ol goofball.



You’ve got to increase the number of daily likes I’m allowed to give out because this thread, all on it’s own, is causing me to get warnings that I’m nearing the limit.



So many cute friends. I love them all. <3

Here are my Pruts and Emma:


@boithorn Dat tortitude.

I’ve heard that tortoiseshells are pretty spunky. Mine is pretty laid back though, unless you leave out a loaf of bread.

Anyway, more cat pics:

This wonderful boy is my mother-in-law’s cat, Moose. He loves sleeping and snuggling. He’ll waddle out in the yard for a few minutes but he doesn’t get up to much else.


Our two dogs died this year. They were very good. You can all share in their goodness.



Beautiful pups. Sorry for your loss. :cry:


This is Tyrion as a baby and a teen! He is the cutest softboy in the world!




This is my cat Mallie. She wasn’t always my cat, and she’s lived in this house longer than anyone else still in the house, humans included.

I used to live with my grandparents and my mom moved out and got a place with her friends. They had a cat named Mallie and when they moved, they left the cat behind with my mom. Kind of a dick move on their part, but whatever. Then mom got a dog, then her boyfriend brought his cat over, and THEN I moved in and we got a 3rd cat. But NONE of those animals really connected with me. I felt no kinship to them, they didn’t dislike me but they never showed me much love.

For SOME REASON last year, Mallie just started hanging out in my room. And she just…never left! I gave her that blanket and she sleeps next to me in bed. She always comes up to my chair when I’m working and put a paw on my leg gently to get my attention and I give her head rubs. I love this old cat. <3


This is my furry son Barry:

His full name is Barry Allen and he’s the fastest cat alive. You can follow him (but never catch him) on Instagram here:


I’m in love,:heart_eyes:


Oh my gosh, my friend ALSO has a cat named Barry Allen (and a dog named Dr. Doom)


hey, that IS some good news


O boy do I have some pics for you