It's the Pet Pics thread (Image Intensive)


Its Koji Bear





Here’s a pic of my buddy Bowser hanging out in the car!





This thread is so good and gives me so much life. Thank you all for sharing this good buddies.


I’m faving SO MANY of these, what cute, sweet, spunky critters!

Also - thank you to the folks who are posting about their creatures who have passed on. It moves me to tears to think of the death of a pet (my two kitties and one pup are all one year old, and are… my first pets ever), but hearing about sweet critters who have passed on and were clearly loved really… helps me to process it.


These are VERY good dogs


snakes are incredibly cute, don’t let anyone tell ya different!!


This thread has watered my crops, cleared up my acne, and saved my entire life, thank all of you.


Here is Ivy’s “Well yeah I did a protest poop on the living room floor, but you guys locked me out of the bedroom so I you left me no choice” face.

In our defence, she’s having a problem with one leg and it won’t get better with her jumping on and off our (high) bed multiple times a night.


These are Freckles and Olivia, my matching Bat-dogs


My cat has a favorite position.


His name is Zona (short for Arizona) and he takes after Lucille Bluth.


This is Baxter aka shmooey aka fwuff! These two pictures were taken probably…5 years apart? But he was the fluffiest, shittiest little boy I ever had and he was so great, so loving, very warm, and again, SO FLUFFY. He actually passed not long after I left California last May from a sudden Kidney failure but I keep these pictures because he was just the CUTEST BABY


I’m realizing I can’t like every single one of these great pet pics and it makes me a lil sad.

This is my cat, Amara. Adopted her back in January and she’s the sweetest lil muffin I’ve ever met.

I also have fish! This is one of them.


Yoshi is very sleepy today so he’s sitting on his favourite cushion.


PETS! Everyone’s pets are great but mine are the best.

We have 3 small babies with us. First there’s Jaeger:

He is very photogenic. We adopted him about 3 years ago as a kitten who had come off the street with a damaged eye. He was fresh out of surgery and wasn’t supposed to be adoptable–but he poked his head out of the blankets covering his cage at the Humane Society and RIGHT INTO OUR HEARTS.

Then there’s Kahlua:

ugh, fake gamer girls

She’s fat and loud and not as photogenic as Jaeger, but she does make some great faces.

Finally, there’s Best Friend, who we adopted from my girlfriend’s dad who didn’t really know how to take care of him:

He will eat bok choi and cockroaches and that’s about it. Lizard maintenance is expensive, y’all.


I would live on bok choi and cockroaches if I was as kingly as that


this is ted
he’s a very good dog


Here’s a pic of some cat I let live in my house. Rowena!